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“World War I (1914-1918) was a human catastrophe that devastated Western civilization and mocked the hope inherent in “modernism”. The sheer volume of the war’s slaughter was beyond belief. The horror of it all destroyed the trust in science, medicine and technology as the golden gateway to a harmonious and peaceful future for humanity. All that was thought to be good had been twisted to the evil purpose of a global war. A global sense of hopefulness was replaced with a global sense of fear and loathing.”



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I just have to put this link up for all to see. The AVN has outdone itself by cruelly bullying and harassing a young couple whose 4 week old baby died from Whooping Cough…..Pertussis…..due to the presence of the bacteria in the under-vaccinated children of the Anti-Vaccination activists, whose conspiracy theory is that all medical advocates of vaccination are on Big Pharma’s payroll! They are dangerously deluded! Thankfully, Bill Gates was in Canberra, Australia’s Capital, today and at a Press Club Luncheon, he explained how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was gratefully accepting an $80 million donation from Australia to complete vaccination and elimination of the Polio Virus from the last Four countries where the terrible scourge still exists. Gates said he is a champion of vaccination and credits it for saving 5 million lives each year that would otherwise be lost in the third world alone!

Psychiatry bashing – a common pastime!

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Below is my response to a post on “The Conversation” Blog stating that Psychiatrists turn everyone into zombies & that psychiatric illnesses are “made up”.

“What rubbish Ian! You clearly have no idea what “modern psychiatry” is about or the fact that modern psychiatric drugs are far less side-effect prone than ever before in the history of psychopharmacology. Medication in private practice is used sparingly & my colleagues & I spend thousands of hours a year listening, counselling, debating & empathising with the real human beings we see. I see my own psychiatrist for PTSD following life-threatening trauma. Don’t tell me that psychiatric illnesses are “made up”. Spend a week in my shoes experiencing the hyperarousal & anxiety attacks that require my attention virtually daily. My medication helps greatly but the most effective & rapid intervention is raising my CO2 levels by rebreathing expired air. In 5mins the hyperventilation switches off & I can proceed with my working day. The mind & brain are one & every brain function is mediated by neurotransmitters. Genes determine much of how our brains function & within 10-15yrs, most of the psychiatric illnesses will be unravelled & their specific causes determined, right down to the gene defects involved. Your claims of made up illnesses are going to look very ignorant & biased then, I predict.”

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