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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5TH   |   20 AV 5775

We Jews are a convenient scapegoat for the failures of this world. How Inconvenient for our enemies that we now defend ourselves against those who hate us! What if Israel had been established in the 1930's?

We Jews are a convenient scapegoat for the failures of this world. How Inconvenient for our enemies that we now defend ourselves against those who hate us! What if Israel had been established in the 1930’s?

Ronn Torossian is CEO of a top 20 US PR Agency, and author of “For Immediate Release.” His article in The Algemeiner reviewed a new novel on this question and the Editor of The Algemeiner tweeted for readers to state their opinions.

Here’s my comment, currently awaiting moderation:

“Had Israel existed in the 1930’s, the extent of the danger facing European Jewry would have been accurately assessed. After all, Hitler’s ideas were exhaustively communicated in Mein Kampf and in much of his rhetoric prior to him becoming Chancellor. Whilst still contained to Germany, an Israeli State would have used its intelligence capabilities to investigate the National Socialist party and infiltrate it. Information would have flowed out of Germany in a torrent & the Israeli Government would have formulated strategies to either save Europe’s Jews by joint diplomatic efforts involving other nations that were able to ignore the representations of Jewish organisations but could not have ignored an Israeli Prime Minister and Cabinet. Had Israel existed then, its strategic importance would have made it a natural ally of the U.S. and Britain, as they would have established forward operating bases in Israel that would have assisted greatly in the Nth Africa & Middle East campaigns. One could go on and on, because the apparatus of the State delivers power and credibility. Jews would have been far more likely to leave a Europe about to explode and settle in Israel, a nation that would have rapidly built its Armed Forces to dissuade the Nazis from attacking. If Israel had existed, Hitler would likely have stuck with his original plan, to expel Europe’s Jews to create his Jew Free Europe. It was the refusal of any other nation to take Europe’s Jewish refugees in any realistic numbers that delivered success to those like Himmler, Eichman & Haj Amin Al Husseini, who virtually badgered Hitler on a daily basis that expulsion could not “solve” the Jewish problem and that extermination was the only action that would succeed in them achieving their diabolical goals. Finally, if Israel had existed, numerous Jewish scientists would have flocked there and Germany would have likely been unable to develop the frighteningly dangerous weapons that allowed it to rain rockets on London, where 45,000 people were killed in the Blitz. Faced with a vicious World War, Israeli scientists would have worked night and day to develop weapons to stop the Nazis march southward………possibly including beating the U.S. in developing a nuclear weapon. A lot to think about indeed!!!”



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This appeared as a Letter to the Editor in the European Edition of The New York Times

By Eitan Chitayat, TOI

A dreary, cloth patch sewn in the shape of a Star of David that every Jew was forced to wear in Nazi Germany along with every country the Germans conquered; every country allied with Germany ; every culture looking to expose the hated Jew.

The guilty Jew. The filthy Jew. The stealing Jew. The disgusting Jew. The less-than-human Jew. The Jew that can only do wrong – for that is, of course, all we do.

The yellow star was forced on us. Rammed down our throats. It stood for dishonor and was associated with anti-semitism as you probably know. It was to be a badge of shame like Hawthorne’s Scarlet letter. But 6 million times worse.

Today? Shame, can take a hike. Give me a yellow star. Find one and give it to me, quick.

I want to wear a yellow star above my left breast where each and every Holocaust victim was forced to don one. I want to walk around with a yellow star on every solitary piece of clothing I own. On my American Apparel V-neck, my Nike sweatshirt, Ralph Lauren sweater, my Champion hoodie, my Diesel button-down, H&M jacket, Adidas jersey and Gap blazer. I’ll wear it at the beach on my bare chest if I have to.

I want to walk down the streets of Paris and confront people like this. Outside the White house near these friendly haters confronting an ex-marine. In Brussels, the Netherlands, the mosques of Berlin, in streets of Canada – and England especially – to meet this idiot. I’d like to go to campuses in the States, like this one at the University of California, San Diego to talk to this girl here – I’ll be wearing my yellow star.

I want everyone to see me with it and hear them say as I walk in,

‘Hey, here comes the Jew’, he’s just like the rest of them.
He thinks he’s so cool and different.
But he’s just a dirty Jew.
A mass murderer.
He kills Christian and Muslim children and then uses their blood for matzah, just like the rest of the Jews.
They carpet bomb people.
They think they’re so great with their studies and their success.
They kill children, those Jews.
Don’t you know? It’s the Jews who own Hollywood, the media, the banks.
They’re the scum of the earth. They steal things.
Hitler was right. What was that hashtag?
Let’s go spraypaint swastikas on his grandparents’ graves.
Let’s go beat him up.
Let’s kill him. Let’s murder a rabbi in Miami.

That’ll teach them — to exist’.

I want that yellow badge so bad, my blood is boiling.

B*tch, to me that yellow star is a symbol of everything that is good. Not just for me, but for the world.

It’s a symbol of surviving evil. It’s heritage and knowledge. Tolerance and optimism. It’s strength and confidence in the face of the weakness and insecurity of those not being taught well enough what their good mamas should have taught them. That yellow star is courage. It’s education. Resilience. It’s right over wrong. It’s bravery and sacrifice, conviction, and it is life.

It is testament to all who tragically died wearing it, may their memories be blessed, so that their future surviving brothers and sisters know to never be afraid of who they are again. To never be silent again. Whether a Jew or an Israeli, to not apologise for surviving. Thanks to them and indeed, for them, this yellow badge ceased being a badge of shame a long time ago.

For me, it’s a yellow F**k-You-I’m-Here-to-Stay star.

It’s a star that blinds out any other emblem that preaches hatred. It drowns out the form, shape and color of swastikas, the black flags of ISIS and Al Qaeda, and the green of Hamas or the yellow of Hezbollah.

I hope I get to meet any liar that calls me a baby killer or accuses me of genocide or of mass murder. I’ll smash my yellow star in their face, and I’ll smash it in there good. Let them see and remember what true genocide is. What real baby killing is. What ethnic cleansing and mass murder really looks like. What (attempting to) wipe out a race really is. And where ignorance and hatred and the lies you choose to get behind will lead you. Those accusers won’t have to look at history. Because it’s happening all around us. Right now. Across the globe, there’s no escaping what we’re seeing.

Before being herded off to the gas chambers around 70 years ago Jews wearing their yellow star were hearing ‘Kill the Jews’, ‘Heil Hitler’, ‘The only good Jew is a dead Jew’, ‘Stealing Jew!’ – and all that before being ostracized from their communities, stripped of their belongings, property, identities, humanity and eventually, their lives. They were hearing words. It happened in many other countries too. Like my father’s country – Iraq. A country he was expelled from for being a Jew. For being a dirty Jew.

It Always. Begins With Words.

The same kind of words we’re hearing now here on social media. At demonstrations. In conversations. Words that have nothing to do with Israel. Palestine. Politics. The Middle East or anything. You might not be down with ISIS and Hamas, but if you aren’t trying to expose them 24/7 for who and what they are, then you’re not part of the solution to rid the world of them.

The world’s abuzz right now with anti-Israel and anti-semitic words. Anti-semitic words that Jews like myself are used to. I’m talking to you, Dieudonné,  Mel Gibson, Roger Waters. And I’m talking to you, Radical Islamic leaders, standing behind your pulpits preaching lies and hate and division in the name of Allah.

I’m talking to you, blind followers of radical Islam, congregating and chanting hatred in your city squares, at town demonstrations, plotting Jew hatred in your homes or openly amongst friends, in the media, and online – in democratic countries taking advantage of the free speech the West gave you, amongst mostly free-loving people.

I’m talking to you, supposedly liberal minded people – friends of mine, even – who spend way too much time talking about my Israel fighting for its existence in a defensive war, but very little talking about hundreds of thousands being murdered in Syria. In Iraq. About people being murdered for being followers of any other religion save Islam. Very little talking about ISIS taking over the middle east and putting heads on spikes, shooting people in ditches by the thousands. Very little time talking about Syrians being gassed and a puke-inducing Turkish Prime minister spewing the kind of virulent anti-semitism which ends with only one thing.

You, my left-wing liberals, are choosing the side of hate. You’re decidedly ignorant. And you suck. Saying death and war is awful and that killing should stop is as far as we’ll agree. But until you provide a solution for ISIS, Hamas, Hezballah, Al Quaeda and the other folks you seem to send your Jib Jab Christmas cards to, just do the civilised world a favor and go back to your Fascist newspaper articles who seem to know how to write, but do nothing else. And don’t forget 9/11, London’s 7/7, Spain’s Madrid train bombings or the Boston Marathon while you’re at it.

Take a good hard look at my yellow star. Look at where it came from. Look what was done after we, the Jews, were forced to wear it and then ask yourselves, are we doing the same to others? Us Jews? Us Israelis? Are we hellbent on exterminating people? Is that really what we want? Or are others doing that which you think we’re doing – others you refuse to be vocal about nor condemn with a simple post or click of your “Like” button.

Fools, I’m not going anywhere.

Never again. Though some might wish it, NEVER AGAIN.

For anyone else reading this from afar who might agree with what I’m saying, Jews and non-Jews alike, don’t feel sorry for me, my family, my friends. Don’t feel sorry for us. We’re fine and we’re not afraid. I’d like to think you know the score and that you’re probably in this with us. Not just because you know it won’t stop with us, but because you’re sane and you’re not blind.

Don’t be afraid because I’m not intending to be a victim. None of us are. And I hope you aren’t either. My yellow star is staring extremism in the face. All of our yellow stars are staring everyone in the face. Blinding extremists with motherf*****g light in a world that’s becoming increasingly black.

Am I down with the yellow star? You’re damn right I am.

Read more: Down with the Yellow Star | Eitan Chitayat | The Blogs | The Times of Israel Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook.


Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Fourth Lateran Council headed by Pope Innocent III declares: “Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.” 
Pope Honorius III issues a dispensation to the Jews of Castile. Spanish Jews normally wore turbans in any case, which presumably met the requirement to be distinctive.
Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton orders English Jews to wear a white band two fingers broad and four fingers long.
Synod of Narbonne rules: “That Jews may be distinguished from others, we decree and emphatically command that in the center of the breast (of their garments) they shall wear an oval badge, the measure of one finger in width and one half a palm in height.” 
James I orders Jews of Aragon to wear the badge.
The Siete Partidas, a legal code enacted in Castile by Alfonso X but not implemented until many years later, includes a requirement for Jews to wear distinguishing marks.
In a special session, the Vienna city council forces Jews to wear Pileum cornutum (a cone-shaped head dress, common in medieval illustrations of Jews); the badge does not seem to have been worn in Austria.
1269, June 19
France. (Saint) Louis IX of France orders all Jews found in public without a badge (Frenchrouelle or roueLatinrota) to be fined ten livres of silver. The enforcement of wearing the badge is repeated by local councils, with varying degrees of fines, at Arles 1234 and 1260, Béziers 1246, Albi 1254, Nîmes 1284 and 1365, Avignon 1326 and 1337, Rodez 1336, and Vanves 1368.
The Statute of Jewry in England, enacted by King Edward I, enforces the regulations. “Each Jew, after he is seven years old, shall wear a distinguishing mark on his outer garment, that is to say, in the form of two Tables joined, of yellow felt of the length of six inches and of the breadth of three inches.” 
1294, October 16
Erfurt. The earliest mention of the badge in Germany.[3]
Emir Ismail Abu-I-Walid forces the Jews of Granada to wear the yellow badge.
Henry II of Castile forces the Jews to wear the yellow badge.
1415, May 11
Bull of the Antipope Benedict XIII orders the Jews to wear a yellow and red badge, the men on their breast, the women on their forehead.
Emperor Sigismund reintroduces the badge at Augsburg.
The Council of Ten of Venice allows the newly arrived famous physician and professor Jacob Mantino ben Samuel to wear the regular black doctors’ cap instead of Jewish yellow hat for several months (subsequently made permanent), upon the recommendation of the French and English ambassadors, the papal legate, and other dignitaries numbered among his patients.
Pope Paul IV decrees, in his Cum nimis absurdum, that the Jews should wear yellow hats.
King Sigismund II passes a law that required Lithuanian Jews to wear yellow hats and head coverings. The law was abolished twenty years later.
Frederick William I of Prussia abolished the mandatory Jewish yellow patch in return for a payment of 8,000 thaler (about $75,000 worth of silver at 2007 prices) each.

Nazi Europe

1935, 15 September
The Nazi regime announces the Nuremberg Laws, which strip Jews of German citizenship and ban intermarriage between Jews and those of German blood.
1938, August 17
Jewish Germans and stateless Jews with Austrian citizenship are required to adopt additional middle names (mostly Israel or Sarah, few other derogatory names considered “Jewish” were alternatively possible) to be used at any occasion such as signatures, visit cards, addresses, firms etc.
1938, October
Jewish Germans had to turn in their passports to get them stamped in a black J. As Jewish Austrians had been denied German citizenship, their Austrian passports became void.
1939, January
Jewish Germans and Austrians had to adopt special identity cards to be carried on them whenever away from home.
1939, September and October
A number of local German occupational commanders ordered Jewish Poles in their areas to wear an identifying mark under the threat of death. There were no consistent requirements as to its color and shape: it varies from a white armband to a yellow Star of David badge.
1939, 23 November
Hans Frank ordered all Jewish Poles above the age of 11 years in German-occupied Poland to wear white armbands with a blue Magen David on.
A popular legend portrays king Christian X of Denmark wearing the yellow badge on his daily morning horseback ride through the streets of Copenhagen, followed by non-Jewish Danes responding to their king’s example, thus preventing the Germans from identifying Jewish citizens. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has explained that the story was not true. No order requiring Jews to wear identifying marks was ever introduced in Denmark.
1941, June 4
Jews in Independent State of Croatia ordered to wear “Jewish insignia”.
1941, July
Jewish Poles in German-occupied Soviet-annexed Poland, Jewish Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians as well as Soviet Jews in German-occupied areas were obliged to wear white armbands or yellow badges.
1941, August 8
All Romanian Jews were ordered to wear the yellow badge.
1941, August 13
The yellow badge was the only standardised identifying mark in the German-occupied East; other signs were forbidden.
1941, September 1
Jewish Germans and Jews with citizenship of annexed states (Austrians, Czechs, Danzigers) from the age of six years were ordered to wear the yellow badge when in public.
1941, September 9
Slovakia ordered its Jews to wear yellow badges.
Romania started to force Jews in newly annexed territories, denied Romanian citizenship, to wear the yellow badge.


Two Jewish women in Occupied Paris in June 1942 wearing Magen David badges as required by Nazi authorities.

1942, March 13
The Gestapo ordered Jewish Germans and Jews with citizenship of annexed states to mark their apartments or houses at the front door with a white badge.
1942, April 29
Jewish Dutch people forced to wear the yellow badge.
1942, June 3
Jewish Belgians forced to wear the yellow badge.
1942, June 7
Jews in occupied France were ordered to wear a yellow star, but the Vichy Regime refused to comply with that.
1942, August
With the German annexation of Luxembourg, the yellow badge was introduced there.
1942, August
Under German pressure, Bulgaria ordered its Jewish citizens to wear small yellow buttons, but contravention was not prosecuted.
1942, November
With the occupation of the French Zone libre Jews there were also forced to wear the yellow badge.
1944, March 31
After the occupation of Hungary, the German occupants ordered Jewish Hungarians and Jews with defunct other citizenships (Czechoslovakian, Romanian, Yugoslavian) in Hungarian-annexed areas to wear the yellow badge.


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Palestinians and their historically illiterate leftist champions, are escalating their rhetoric on an almost daily basis and antisemites are rejoicing to see Jews equated with the Nazis. This despicable distortion of the facts in a desperate attempt to establish moral equivalency between the industrial genocide of the Nazis and the exponential population explosion in the West Bank & Gaza is nonetheless succeeding on the hundreds of University campuses that receive Saudi funding as part of the Wahabbist’s $680 Billion global Islamisation initiative that has built 3000 Islamic Madrasah and hundreds of Mosques from which their Jihad by stealth gains increasing support and fanatic devotion. It is worth reminding readers who the Palestinians are and asking why on Earth would intelligent, educated Westerners support their fraudulent claims without fact-checking.

From an unknown source:


“Just which Palestinians are you all talking about? The Palestinians who, in 1948, fled their homes to neighboring countries when the Arab world attacked Israel and told the Palestinians they can return after Israel is destroyed?

Or the Palestinians who lived in the West Bank under Jordanian (then Transjordan) occupation and annexation when Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 and lost both the war and the West Bank to Israel?

Or the Palestinians who, while living in Jordan in the 1970s, envisioned Jordan becoming their Palestinian state and started a civil war where King Hussein ultimately killed thousands of Palestinians and forcibly removed many from of his country, making them refugees?

Or the Palestinians who entered the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, and murdered 11 Israeli athletes?

Or the Palestinians who infiltrated a high school in Ma’alot, Israel, took 102 students hostage, injured 50 and murdered 22?

Or the Palestinians who, among others, hijacked an Air France jetliner to Entebbe, Uganda, and held hostage more than 100 Israelis?

Or the Palestinians who were exiled from Jordan to a peaceful Lebanon and started a civil war that cost more than 120,000 lives and created more refugees, with many exiled from Lebanon?

Or the Palestinians who hijacked the Achille Lauro ocean liner and shot, murdered and threw overboard Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American paraplegic in a wheelchair?

Or the Palestinians in the Abu Nidal Organization who murdered an estimated 600 Palestinians from rival factions?

Or the Palestinians who wrote and live by the Hamas Charter that states, among other things, “… Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors”?

Or the Palestinians who enticed young and susceptible Palestinians to become suicide bombers with the promise that when they murder Israelis, they’ll receive rich rewards in the afterlife and financial security for their families?

Or the thousands of Palestinians in Ramallah who cheered as the bodies of two Israeli soldiers were thrown from a second story window after they were tortured and hacked to death?

Or the Palestinians who honored a suicide bomber with a military funeral for murdering 15 people (including seven children and five from one family) at the Sbarro pizza café in Jerusalem?

Or the thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza captured on video cheering as two airliners purposely crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11?

Or the Palestinian families who received $25,000 from Saddam Hussein for their children’s “successful” suicide bombings?

Or a Palestinian like Yasser Arafat (although he was Egyptian born), who became a billionaire by stealing money from other Palestinians as they lived in squalor?

Or the Qatari born and Egyptian-raised Omar Barghouti (who refers to himself as a Palestinian), who co-founded the boycott, divestment, and [including educational] sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel while getting his doctorate at an Israeli university?

Or the Palestinians from Hamas (a group the U.S. and other countries label a terrorist organization) who, when they took control of Gaza, shot several hundred Fatah Palestinians in the legs, purposely crippling them for life?

Or the more than 100 Palestinians from Fatah crippled by Palestinians from Hamas who, at the confidential request from Mahmoud Abbas to Shimon Peres, received new legs and rehabilitation at a medical center in Israel
Or the two Palestinians who proudly confessed to the knife attack and murder of five members of the Fogel family, including the father, mother, and three of their six children, ages 11, 4 and 3 months?

Or the Palestinian mother, Raida Abu-Mustaffa, whose baby’s life was saved through funding and a rare heart operation by a Jewish doctor at an Israeli hospital, yet the mother dreamed that her daughter would one day become a martyr?

Or the gay Palestinian man who, while living in Tel Aviv (considered one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world), pleaded with Israel’s high court not to be deported to the West Bank because it would lead to persecution by his family and his detention, torture and death by Palestinian security forces?

Or the Palestinians in the West Bank who, in 2013, committed 27 honor killings against their wives, sisters and daughters?

Or the Palestinians who, since childhood, have been educated by books and newspapers that claim Jews are sub-human, satanic and animals, and that Israel is the root of all of their problems?

Or the Palestinians who grew up in refugee camps while Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Brunei became some of the wealthiest countries in world, gave virtually nothing to help the Palestinians and have purposely kept them in refugee camps as political tools since 1948?

Or the Palestinians who, for decades, promoted terrorism against Israel forcing Israel to build a security wall (that virtually ended all suicide bombings) and now call it the Apartheid Wall?

Or the Palestinians who, after Israel voluntarily withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, giving the Palestinians land and self-determination, have fired more than 11,000 rockets at Israel, killing Israelis and causing thousands of injuries?

Or the Palestinians who, since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, have committed thousands of terrorist acts (not including rocket attacks from Gaza), murdering 1,472 Israelis?

Or the Palestinians from Hamas who kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenage yeshiva (Torah study) students?

Or the Palestinians who denounced Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas because he condemned the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish teens?

Or the Palestinian mother of Abu Aysha (one of the suspected murderers of the three Israeli teens) who said if he truly did it … “I’ll be proud of him till my final day. … I raised my children on the knees of the [Islamic] religion … their goal is to bring the victory of Islam”?

Or the Palestinian father of 17-year-old Mohammed Khdair, apparently murdered in retaliation for the three yeshiva boys, who said, “Whether Jew or Arab, who would accept that his son or daughter would be kidnapped and killed? And you want Israel to stop the bloodshed”?


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Archaeologists in eastern Poland claim they have discovered new evidence related to the Nazi regime’s evil and murderous history.

Hidden underneath the ground at a former Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of the village of Sobibor, archaeologists reputedly found gas chambers that were intentionally hidden by Nazis after an uprising in 1943. Officials estimate roughly 250,000 Jews were killed in the gas chambers.

Following an uprising at the camp on Oct. 14, 1943, German forces reportedly demolished the gas chambers. The site of the mass killing of Jews was later covered with anasphalt road.

Credit: The International Institute for Holocaust ResearchCredit: Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research

Credit: The International Institute for Holocaust ResearchCredit: Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research

Yoram Haimi, one of the archaeologists on the project, told Reuters that they “were amazed at the size of the building and the well-preserved condition of the chamber walls.” Officials are now working to establish just how large the gas chambers were, which will give them a better idea of how many people were murdered at the camp.

Haimi also has a personal connection to the grisly discovery. Two of his uncles were reportedly captured by Germans and later killed at the Sobibor death camp.

Archaeologists in Poland Find Hidden Gas Chambers at Sobibor Nazi CampThis photo taken in Sept. 2014, and released by the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research shows a ring discovered near recently discovered gas chambers at the Nazi-era death camp of Sobibor in Sobibor, Poland. Polish and Israeli Holocaust researchers announced Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, that they have discovered the exact location of the building that housed gas chambers at the camp. (AP Photo/Yoram Haimi, Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research)

The Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Researchhas more information on the extermination camp:

The Sobibór Extermination Camp was located near the village and railway station of Sobibór, in the eastern part of the Lublin district in Poland, not far from the Chełm-Włodawa railway line. The camp was established along with the extermination camps of Treblinka and Bełżec as part of Aktion Reinhard. Built in March 1942, it was basically composed of three parts, each individually fenced in: the administration area, the reception area, and the extermination area. In addition, there was a section of forest in the northern part of the camp where the Nazis had begun to construct a bunker. During the period of the camp’s operation, April 1942 – October 1943, about 250,000 Jews were murdered there. In the wake of the camp uprising that occurred on 14 October 1943, the Germans decided to dismantle the camp. Apart from certain structures that have been dismantled since the war and the few buildings in connection to the camp that are still standing, the site has remained bare lacking any real trace of the former extermination camp.

Another archeologist involved in unearthing the gas chambers, identified as Wojciech Mazurek, offered a bone-chilling description of the concentration camp.

“The extermination of people took place there; murder by smoke from an engine that killed everyone within 15 minutes in these gas chambers, in torment, shouting,” he told Reuters Television. “It is said that … the Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out these shouts so that prisoners could not have heard these shouts, these torments.”

Very few prisoners ever made it out of Sobibor alive. Due to this tragic fact, and because German forces destroyed the camp, there is still much unknown about the infamous site.

Of the roughly 300 prisoners escaped during the 1943 uprising, most were captured and killed. Only 50 Sobibor prisoners came out alive at the end of World War II, according to Reuters.


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ANY loss of life is horrific, immoral and an outrage to me. As an Athiest, it sickens me that religion still costs lives in 2014 and as a humanist, killing for racial/ethnic hatred is idiotic when we all came from a common ancestor and differences in the DNA of all 7Billion humans on the planet amount to less than 0.1%.

Innocent civilian deaths make my blood boil because all violent conflicts represent the most primitive form of problem solving and cause eternal resentment, hatred & the creation of a vicious cycle that benefits no-one. That having been said and as a member of a persecuted minority whose family was all but destroyed by violence and hatred, I am profoundly angered to read and hear day after day, national leaders, clerics and their followers, shout to their supporters, “death to the Jews”, “gas them all” etc. The facts clearly prove that Jews have been on the receiving end of irrational, primitive ethnic and religious hatred for over 2000yrs, much of it due to being stateless, scattered and convenient to blame and scapegoat.

When over 80% of a nation believes a group of hated individuals are born of “apes and pigs” and must be destroyed and that population commits its children to perpetuate that evil lie by perverting their education from the time they are mere toddlers, one cannot blame the victims of such hatred and violence for eventually striking back.

Only Israel, amongst all nations, reacts to such hatred and genocidal intent by warning innocent civilians to leave in advance of military action. My beef is with terrorists everywhere and the ideology that drives them. When a religious scripture contains the compulsory orders to bring about my death and that of my entire family and global community, I will not walk passively to my doom.

I will use my skills to their utmost to do my bit to stop the violence and prevent those responsible from realising their destructive, delusional, grandiose and supremacist fantasies at innocent people’s expense. I do not hate, I lament.


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Traces the history of PLO/Fatah, now better known as the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ the organization that will govern a future Palestinian State. The video shows how PLO/Fatah emerged from the German Nazi Final Solution. Hajj Amin al Husseini, father of the Palestinian Movement, creator of Fatah, and mentor to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, was co-director with Adolf Eichmann of the death camp system that exterminated between 5 and 6 million European Jews in WWII.


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My comment in JWire:
Jerome says:


Well said Paul Winter! Very few “experts” seem to possess more than a cursory knowledge of the devious psychopath, Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem & the instigator of the Arab uprising in the last few years of the British Mandate that cost over 2000 Arab lives for no gain & from which el-Husseini escaped like a rat fleeing a sinking ship. This so called man of God, fled to Italy, where after failing to impress Mussolini, he travelled on to Germany, where he befriended Himmler in order to gain an audience with Hitler. Seeing el-Husseini for the slimy sycophant that he was, Hitler met with el-Husseini but once, during which he pledged to allow el-Husseini to lead the Arabs under Nazi stewardship, in return for el-Husseini’s unsolicited offer to partner the Nazis in exterminating all Jews living in the Arab world. Not content with that offer, el-Husseini organised & donated a regiment of Muslim soldiers to the Nazi’s genocidal operations in the Balkans, where his barbarian troops competed with Nazi “action groups” for the position of most brutal & murderous.

At war’s end, with a cell reserved for him at Nuremberg, el Husseini escaped once again & made his way to Egypt, where he was granted asylum & from where he facilitated the flight from Justice of hundreds of mid to high level Nazis to Egypt, where they lived out their lives untouched & unpunished. If that’s not sufficient cause to revile this man, so revered to this day by the “palestinians”, el Husseini was so enamoured with National Socialism’s ideals & organisational structure, that he promoted its incorporation into the foundation of the Ba’ath Party, together with his loyal right hand man, Sadaam Hussein’s Uncle, future leader of the fledgling Ba’ath Party that would gestate in Tikrit, Iraq & spawn the monstrous murderer & sadistic serial killer, Sadaam Hussein. This group of men, wanted war criminals & vicious psychopaths, saw potential in the 16yr old Sadaam & put him to work initially as a debt collector & enforcer but by 18yrs of age, Sadaam’s love of killing, particularly when it involved torture & degradation of indescribable depravity, had become folkloric in Tikrit & he was promoted to the role of chief assassin for the Ba’ath Party, a job he loved & one he was never to abandon, still participating personally in the execution of prisoners right up until his flight from Baghdad. He retained the organisational structure of the Nazis throughout his dictatorship & even copied Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives”, by executing all opposing members of Iraq’s parliament at the commencement of the Coup that brought him to power.

Today’s palestinians passionately study & attempt to emulate their hero, Amin el-Husseini, a Nazi if ever there was one. That is the true nature of Israel’s enemy & we must never allow our fellow Jews to forget this history, for it provides the context for Israel’s determination to survive & to ignore all attempts to force it to soften it’s stance, to concede, to negotiate away hard won gains or to compromise on its core purpose in existing:- to be the sole homeland of the Jewish people, to protect & nurture our people & to ensure that in the never ending struggle of good versus evil, acknowledged by believers & atheists alike as a fundamental & eternal human challenge, good will prevail, as embodied in the continued presence of a thriving Jewish population in Israel, the ancestral & rightful home of the Jews.



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