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“World War I (1914-1918) was a human catastrophe that devastated Western civilization and mocked the hope inherent in “modernism”. The sheer volume of the war’s slaughter was beyond belief. The horror of it all destroyed the trust in science, medicine and technology as the golden gateway to a harmonious and peaceful future for humanity. All that was thought to be good had been twisted to the evil purpose of a global war. A global sense of hopefulness was replaced with a global sense of fear and loathing.”



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I like the Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog. It’s refreshing because it’s honest and therefore stands in contrast to too many in that profession.

I found the above post worrying. The Police bullying the public and the Judiciary!

Below is my comment:

Jerome Gelb says : December 24, 2013 at 6:26 pm
Dear Mr Doogue,

It seems to me that the time for humility in the face of VICPOL undermining the very basis for the distinction between conviction and non-conviction, is well and truly over. If recent Attorneys General have sat on their hands, perhaps the State’s lawyers need to stand up and pull him off those hands! This is exactly the sort of abuse of process that undermines public confidence in Police and feeds the widespread mistrust of Police Command. Few employers will give a job to someone with a criminal record and the public clearly lack a clear understanding of why a conviction is or isn’t recorded for similar crimes.

Consider the above with another discretionary sleight of hand practiced by VICPOL, about which I wrote to the Opposition Leader and Shadow Police Minister just prior to the defeat of the Brumby Government. Police Stations do not have signs warning the public that a Counter Report of a crime will not trigger a Police investigation and that only a formal Statement may do so. Several Police have confirmed this as fact. Counter reports are filed but not acted upon. There are too few resources, say Police. A friend’s son was the victim of an armed robbery by a masked man at a train station. He had a bike, iPod and cash stolen. As the culprit ran from the scene, his ski-mask fell off and he was recognised. My friend took his shaken son to a local Police Station and a Counter report was made. The Constable wrote the details down and said the report would be investigated. The next evening, at my urging, my friend rang the Constable to enquire re progress. He was met with the aggressive comment that no investigation would be mounted because, “you didn’t want to make a Statement”, which my friend strongly denied. He demanded that his son make a formal Statement that night and on its completion, the Constable noted, “this sounds like an armed robbery” and promised to hand the case to Detectives in the morning. By the end of the next day, a raid and arrest had been effected and stolen property located. The culprit was charged and duly convicted. None of this would have happened had I not known about the unwritten rule, “No Statement, No Investigation” and no chance of the crime adding to crime statistics.

Even when a Statement is made, there is no guarantee that a crime will be pursued. Another friend was rung by his son, who informed him that he and his sister had seen a man scratch and vandalise the family car, legally parked outside their home. They had shouted at the man, who nonchalantly strolled off, leaving thousands of dollars damage. They followed him from a safe distance and guided their father to the man’s location by phone. My friend confronted the man and receiving total denials, rang the Police. The man was arrested and my friend’s late-teen kids made Statements that they had witnessed the attack on the family car. The Police stated that the man would be charged after the complaint was investigated. Neither promised outcome occurred. The Police claimed that two eyewitness accounts and the fact that the man was known to Police, was insufficient evidence to warrant charging him. My incredulous friend is now contemplating a formal complaint.

It seems as if “discretion” has been far too broadly implemented in practice and citizens’ concerns are being ignored. The number one reason callers ring John Feyne to speak to Commissioner Ken Lay every third week on ABC 774, is to complain that their reported matters have been ignored, sometimes for years. The Commissioner says to the callers to ring him if the Station Snr Sgt. won’t help but Ken Lay wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to take the calls, let alone action them!

Lawyers, you maybe able to call more volubly for a fix for this fiasco. Please do!!


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This video speaks for itself. Eric Holder acting as dumb as a 2 x 4 plank, on instruction not to say a bad word about Islam, even if that means making himself a laughing stock around the world. No wonder he and the Obama administration are openly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and calling the Ft Hood murders, a “workplace incident”!



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An hour ago, a Facebook friend posted the comment below this post:

I do not know what prompted his comments but I understand the massive ball of frustration and anger that can build inside anyone exposed to the Injustice System. I felt the need to comment and so wrote this in reply:

“I don’t know what this is about but when it comes to the Injustice System, I’m all too familiar with its failings! The major problem is that it’s a vehicle for societal control, not THE pathway to a civil society as we’ve been led to believe. 85% of legislators nowadays are lawyers……they write our laws…..then lawyers are peppered throughout the Police executive level, especially amongst its civilian advisors but even the last commissioner was a lawyer! Lawyers are the sole arbiters of the Judicial branch and pass judgement on us with reference to the laws their colleagues drafted! The accused are represented by lawyers, prosecuted by lawyers, face juries chosen & instructed by lawyers, sentenced by lawyers and passed to a Corrections service that reports to lawyers! There you have it! Total societal control and institutionalised conflicts of interest at every level PLUS the illusion of separation of State & Judiciary PLUS legislated prosecutorial immunity that overlooks mistakes, corrupt practices and other forms of prosecutorial or judicial misconduct. An elite group of outwardly conservative people crafting the society that best serves their purposes via very clever manipulation of an 800yr old British system designed to protect the power & privilege of the aristocracy and to prevent the unwashed masses from ever having any means, bar violent revolution, to obtain the reins of power and dismantle the status quo! Not a conspiracy theory…..just a natural & predictable outcome of a system functioning exactly as it was designed to do! What do u think?”

Whilst writing this post, my friend replied, “hit the nail on the head, jerry”

It’s something that troubles me more and more each day, as I see the warped priorities of the Injustice System damage and hurt ordinary citizens and protect the rich and privileged. I was incredulous to discover that Police are only interested in investigating two types of fraud, the poor, elderly pensioner cruelly ripped off by scammers and the corporations swindled out of millions by criminals with an insider connection. Both groups attract positive media when solved. Left hanging out in the cold is everyone else in the middle who has been defrauded. No Police interest is forthcoming to that group, the most frequent victims of fraud & white collar crime, unless the victim is able to afford to prepare an open and shut case, wrapped up in a bow, ready to prosecute! For instance, the Queensland Fraud Squad selects cases it will investigate based only on victims’ written submissions and sees its role in such precious terms that a return phonecall or email takes 6weeks to be received. And if you are rejected, crimes simply go uninvestigated and unresolved.



Schapelle Corby – A severely ill Australian betrayed by her Government

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I sent this letter to Minister Bob Carr on 07/03/2013:

Dear Minister Carr,

I am a 55yr old Psychiatrist with 32yrs experience as a doctor. I am writing simply to implore you to examine the psychiatric opinion that Dr Jonathan Phillips, former President of the RANZCP, wrote after he had examined Schapelle Corby in jail on Bali. He was so concerned with her psychotic mental state and her grim prognosis that he advised repatriation to Australia as the only hope of avoiding permanent mental incapacity. We now know conclusively that chronic psychosis causes substantial and permanent brain damage, especially to the deeper, sub-cortical areas of the brain, where more subtle but vital cognitive skills have their origin. As seen in chronic Schizophrenia, sufferers of this sort of damage eventually become empty shells, their very essence lost forever. Minister Carr, I sense growing distress in the community regarding Ms Corby and the unwillingness of successive Australian Governments to urgently petition Indonesia to transfer her to hospital in Australia for intensive treatment and lengthy psychiatric rehabilitation. My reading of all the documents available to the public leads me to conclude that she is an innocent victim of the open drug portal that Australia’s airports have become under the universally failed policies of Prohibition but, none of that matters in comparison to the real humanitarian issue that exists in her case. I predict that without your urgent plea for compassion, this poor young woman will come home in 4 years looking a shrivelled shadow of her former self, a sight so pitiable that the image will be seared into the public’s memory as a shocking example of Government failure to protect Australian citizens overseas, even when they are severely mentally ill and undergoing nightmarish conditions from which they are unlikely to ever recover. Minister, you have only been in your position a short time and you are clearly not responsible for her plight but there is now no-one else to whom I can direct this medical plea. Another four years of incarceration in that hell-hole is likely to lead to Ms Corby requiring long term institutional or highly supervised community residential care and in the eyes of most Australians, makes her overall punishment grossly disproportionate, cruel and most definitely inhumane. In the name of the mentally ill everywhere, please save Ms Corby before the individual she was is totally consumed by her mental disease.

Yours Faithfully, Dr Jerome Gelb Consultant Psychiatrist (Qualified in Psychiatry 1989)

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