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Palestinians and their historically illiterate leftist champions, are escalating their rhetoric on an almost daily basis and antisemites are rejoicing to see Jews equated with the Nazis. This despicable distortion of the facts in a desperate attempt to establish moral equivalency between the industrial genocide of the Nazis and the exponential population explosion in the West Bank & Gaza is nonetheless succeeding on the hundreds of University campuses that receive Saudi funding as part of the Wahabbist’s $680 Billion global Islamisation initiative that has built 3000 Islamic Madrasah and hundreds of Mosques from which their Jihad by stealth gains increasing support and fanatic devotion. It is worth reminding readers who the Palestinians are and asking why on Earth would intelligent, educated Westerners support their fraudulent claims without fact-checking.

From an unknown source:


“Just which Palestinians are you all talking about? The Palestinians who, in 1948, fled their homes to neighboring countries when the Arab world attacked Israel and told the Palestinians they can return after Israel is destroyed?

Or the Palestinians who lived in the West Bank under Jordanian (then Transjordan) occupation and annexation when Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 and lost both the war and the West Bank to Israel?

Or the Palestinians who, while living in Jordan in the 1970s, envisioned Jordan becoming their Palestinian state and started a civil war where King Hussein ultimately killed thousands of Palestinians and forcibly removed many from of his country, making them refugees?

Or the Palestinians who entered the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, and murdered 11 Israeli athletes?

Or the Palestinians who infiltrated a high school in Ma’alot, Israel, took 102 students hostage, injured 50 and murdered 22?

Or the Palestinians who, among others, hijacked an Air France jetliner to Entebbe, Uganda, and held hostage more than 100 Israelis?

Or the Palestinians who were exiled from Jordan to a peaceful Lebanon and started a civil war that cost more than 120,000 lives and created more refugees, with many exiled from Lebanon?

Or the Palestinians who hijacked the Achille Lauro ocean liner and shot, murdered and threw overboard Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American paraplegic in a wheelchair?

Or the Palestinians in the Abu Nidal Organization who murdered an estimated 600 Palestinians from rival factions?

Or the Palestinians who wrote and live by the Hamas Charter that states, among other things, “… Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors”?

Or the Palestinians who enticed young and susceptible Palestinians to become suicide bombers with the promise that when they murder Israelis, they’ll receive rich rewards in the afterlife and financial security for their families?

Or the thousands of Palestinians in Ramallah who cheered as the bodies of two Israeli soldiers were thrown from a second story window after they were tortured and hacked to death?

Or the Palestinians who honored a suicide bomber with a military funeral for murdering 15 people (including seven children and five from one family) at the Sbarro pizza café in Jerusalem?

Or the thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza captured on video cheering as two airliners purposely crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11?

Or the Palestinian families who received $25,000 from Saddam Hussein for their children’s “successful” suicide bombings?

Or a Palestinian like Yasser Arafat (although he was Egyptian born), who became a billionaire by stealing money from other Palestinians as they lived in squalor?

Or the Qatari born and Egyptian-raised Omar Barghouti (who refers to himself as a Palestinian), who co-founded the boycott, divestment, and [including educational] sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel while getting his doctorate at an Israeli university?

Or the Palestinians from Hamas (a group the U.S. and other countries label a terrorist organization) who, when they took control of Gaza, shot several hundred Fatah Palestinians in the legs, purposely crippling them for life?

Or the more than 100 Palestinians from Fatah crippled by Palestinians from Hamas who, at the confidential request from Mahmoud Abbas to Shimon Peres, received new legs and rehabilitation at a medical center in Israel
Or the two Palestinians who proudly confessed to the knife attack and murder of five members of the Fogel family, including the father, mother, and three of their six children, ages 11, 4 and 3 months?

Or the Palestinian mother, Raida Abu-Mustaffa, whose baby’s life was saved through funding and a rare heart operation by a Jewish doctor at an Israeli hospital, yet the mother dreamed that her daughter would one day become a martyr?

Or the gay Palestinian man who, while living in Tel Aviv (considered one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world), pleaded with Israel’s high court not to be deported to the West Bank because it would lead to persecution by his family and his detention, torture and death by Palestinian security forces?

Or the Palestinians in the West Bank who, in 2013, committed 27 honor killings against their wives, sisters and daughters?

Or the Palestinians who, since childhood, have been educated by books and newspapers that claim Jews are sub-human, satanic and animals, and that Israel is the root of all of their problems?

Or the Palestinians who grew up in refugee camps while Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Brunei became some of the wealthiest countries in world, gave virtually nothing to help the Palestinians and have purposely kept them in refugee camps as political tools since 1948?

Or the Palestinians who, for decades, promoted terrorism against Israel forcing Israel to build a security wall (that virtually ended all suicide bombings) and now call it the Apartheid Wall?

Or the Palestinians who, after Israel voluntarily withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, giving the Palestinians land and self-determination, have fired more than 11,000 rockets at Israel, killing Israelis and causing thousands of injuries?

Or the Palestinians who, since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993, have committed thousands of terrorist acts (not including rocket attacks from Gaza), murdering 1,472 Israelis?

Or the Palestinians from Hamas who kidnapped and murdered three Jewish teenage yeshiva (Torah study) students?

Or the Palestinians who denounced Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas because he condemned the kidnapping and murder of the three Jewish teens?

Or the Palestinian mother of Abu Aysha (one of the suspected murderers of the three Israeli teens) who said if he truly did it … “I’ll be proud of him till my final day. … I raised my children on the knees of the [Islamic] religion … their goal is to bring the victory of Islam”?

Or the Palestinian father of 17-year-old Mohammed Khdair, apparently murdered in retaliation for the three yeshiva boys, who said, “Whether Jew or Arab, who would accept that his son or daughter would be kidnapped and killed? And you want Israel to stop the bloodshed”?



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I signed an online petition today that has collected tens of thousands of signatures calling for international partners to refer the Islamic State to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. A few hours after I signed the petition, this automated reply from the British Foreign Secretary arrived:

“Thank you for your email.

The Foreign Secretary is receiving a large volume of emails on Iraq and abuses being carried out by actions by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). He regrets that he is unable to reply personally to each one.

The Foreign Secretary shares the concerns of many in the UK about the suffering of civilians in Iraq and condemns in the strongest possible terms the atrocities that are being committed by ISIL. They are targeting people of all religions and ethnicity, different ages, male and female, including the most vulnerable.

We now have confirmed reports that ISIL continues to kidnap large numbers of people, mostly women, and credible information that women and children are being held by ISIL in a number of locations. We have confirmed reports that some women have been executed, possibly because they refused to change their religion, while others have been sold or allocated as slaves. We are also receiving distressing reports from displaced persons fleeing ISIL of family separation and their heinous crimes.

We utterly condemn the acts of horrific violence and slavery reportedly being carried out by ISIL in areas under its control. These are serious breaches of the Geneva Conventions and all parties to the conflict must do everything in their power to prevent them and to protect the civilian population.

The Government is working closely with the United Nations, the Iraqi authorities and international partners to ease the humanitarian situation in Iraq, including providing humanitarian support assistance to displaced people, many of whom have been the victims of ISIL’s abuses and persecution.

Internationally, the UK chaired an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on 7 August to discuss ISIL’s attacks and the humanitarian situation. The UK Government has driven UN Security Council Resolution 2170, which was unanimously adopted at the UN Security Council on 15 August. This builds on our strong contribution to the humanitarian response to the current crisis in Iraq by providing measures to choke ISIL’s recruitment and financing and sanctioning ISIL individuals.

Any decision to refer to the International Criminal Court must be made on the basis of what will be the most effective means to bring the perpetrators of these atrocities to account. We will look at every available option to ensure accountability and to work with our international partners on what can be done to both assist the victims and to bring those responsible to justice.

If you have contacted the FCO as a member of the public, thank you for your email. Your email will be forwarded to the relevant part of the FCO for reply.”


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    In four-and a half years this man could be near your child.

    In four-and a half years he could be near my now two-year-old daughter.

    In four-and a half years this man could offend again.

    But a group of Canberra Mums want to stop him.

    The case has caused outrage – justifiably – amoungst Canberra residents. A serial child molester sentenced to just seven-and-a-half years in jail for the public rape of a three-year old girl.

    A three-year old girl reading picture books at 1.30 in the afternoon.

    Eligible for parole in four-and–a-half years.

    It was September when known sex offender Shane Williams was making his way to a police station for his annual sex offender check-in – high on drugs he stopped at Canberra’s Belconnen Library to use the toilets.

    The ABC report that he was looking at books when a three-year-old girl – not yet wise on stranger danger – made her way over to him and said hello.

    The child’s mother was just metres away using a computer and did not initially notice that her daughter had wandered off.

    When her mother looked up her world changed.

    Williams had asked the three-year old to sit down. He had removed her pants – and his clothing – and he was sexually assaulting her.

    Her mother screamed as she found him crouched behind her daughter.

    Williams ran off – but several days later police found and arrested him.

    He confessed.

    He was known to police – well known.

    Williams had been convicted of offences against children five times in the past, and had repeatedly returned to such crimes upon release from prison.

    On Wednesday in the ACT Supreme Court, prosecutor Sara Gul described the attack as despicable.

    “It’s clear that he is a significant danger to the community,”

    “He really is what can only be described as a chronic child molester.”

    The ABC report that Williams’ lawyer James Sabharwal agreed the attack was concerning and offered his client’s only excuse that he was both drunk and high on drugs at the time.

    “The only saving grace I can put to your honour is that the little girl was not required to give evidence,” Mr Sabharwal said.

    Chief Justice Helen Murrell said it was difficult to know if the victim would suffer any future impacts from the assault.

    At the time of the rape the “chronic child molester” was on bail for bashing his neighbour.

    For both the assault and the rape, Williams received a 25 per cent discount on his sentence for pleading guilty.

    25% off the rape of a three-year old girl.

    25% off the destruction of a family.

    Yes you read that right – 25% OFF HIS SENTENCE.

    You can understand the horrified reactions of the community of Canberra Mums on Facebook.

    For those of us who do not live in Canberra it could be easy to take the NIMBY approach – he’s not in my backyard this can’t affect me.

    But these Mums are imploring other mothers to help them make sure it’s not in their backyard either.

    The group, Canberra Mums have set up an online petition to change the laws.

    Comments ranged from the angry to the appalled, to those wanting to take action now.

    “OUTRAGEOUS!!!! This isn’t a boxing day sale to be offering him a discount!” wrote one.

    Another: “How dare he do this to anyone’s child and how dare the judge only sentence him for this short amount of time.”

    “The Supreme Court has well and truly failed this time and it’s also sad to see the first female chief minister of the Supreme Court give an absolutely ridiculous sentence like this”

    Thousands of angry parents – desperate to make a change.

    The petition says it will be presented to “every official and government representative in Canberra and the Federal Government” once it collects 5000 supporters.

    “The laws need to be changed to better protect our children,” the petition said.

    “Please sign this petition write, call, post, tweet, shout from the rooftops and tell everyone just how outrageous this sentence is.

    “Please stand with us in condemning a legal system that has failed to protect our children and potentially in 4.5 years will again see other children in danger from a known serial offender.”

    Over 3500 signatures have been collected already.


    Let’s be really clear, 85% of MP’s are lawyers. They formulate the laws we all live under and guess what…….the Attorney General, Judges, Director of Public Prosecutions etc. are all lawyers too! Sentences are set by politicians who are almost all lawyers. So why do lawyers write such poor legislation, cram our jails with non-violent drug users despite so many lawyers using drugs themselves and yet fail so miserably to protect our and their children? The least well served groups in the community when it comes to justice are the elderly, women, children, the mentally ill and the disabled……..can you see a pattern yet people? The least politically powerful groups, the least vocal, the least likely to protest severely when ignored by the state. If we want all these lawyers, who literally control our day to day lives, to sit up and take notice, then groups that rarely stand up have to shout loudly from all over the country and demand that politicians legislate for the toughest sentences possible for child rapists…….not to deter them because it doesn’t, but to get them permanently off our streets!!!


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I like the Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog. It’s refreshing because it’s honest and therefore stands in contrast to too many in that profession.

I found the above post worrying. The Police bullying the public and the Judiciary!

Below is my comment:

Jerome Gelb says : December 24, 2013 at 6:26 pm
Dear Mr Doogue,

It seems to me that the time for humility in the face of VICPOL undermining the very basis for the distinction between conviction and non-conviction, is well and truly over. If recent Attorneys General have sat on their hands, perhaps the State’s lawyers need to stand up and pull him off those hands! This is exactly the sort of abuse of process that undermines public confidence in Police and feeds the widespread mistrust of Police Command. Few employers will give a job to someone with a criminal record and the public clearly lack a clear understanding of why a conviction is or isn’t recorded for similar crimes.

Consider the above with another discretionary sleight of hand practiced by VICPOL, about which I wrote to the Opposition Leader and Shadow Police Minister just prior to the defeat of the Brumby Government. Police Stations do not have signs warning the public that a Counter Report of a crime will not trigger a Police investigation and that only a formal Statement may do so. Several Police have confirmed this as fact. Counter reports are filed but not acted upon. There are too few resources, say Police. A friend’s son was the victim of an armed robbery by a masked man at a train station. He had a bike, iPod and cash stolen. As the culprit ran from the scene, his ski-mask fell off and he was recognised. My friend took his shaken son to a local Police Station and a Counter report was made. The Constable wrote the details down and said the report would be investigated. The next evening, at my urging, my friend rang the Constable to enquire re progress. He was met with the aggressive comment that no investigation would be mounted because, “you didn’t want to make a Statement”, which my friend strongly denied. He demanded that his son make a formal Statement that night and on its completion, the Constable noted, “this sounds like an armed robbery” and promised to hand the case to Detectives in the morning. By the end of the next day, a raid and arrest had been effected and stolen property located. The culprit was charged and duly convicted. None of this would have happened had I not known about the unwritten rule, “No Statement, No Investigation” and no chance of the crime adding to crime statistics.

Even when a Statement is made, there is no guarantee that a crime will be pursued. Another friend was rung by his son, who informed him that he and his sister had seen a man scratch and vandalise the family car, legally parked outside their home. They had shouted at the man, who nonchalantly strolled off, leaving thousands of dollars damage. They followed him from a safe distance and guided their father to the man’s location by phone. My friend confronted the man and receiving total denials, rang the Police. The man was arrested and my friend’s late-teen kids made Statements that they had witnessed the attack on the family car. The Police stated that the man would be charged after the complaint was investigated. Neither promised outcome occurred. The Police claimed that two eyewitness accounts and the fact that the man was known to Police, was insufficient evidence to warrant charging him. My incredulous friend is now contemplating a formal complaint.

It seems as if “discretion” has been far too broadly implemented in practice and citizens’ concerns are being ignored. The number one reason callers ring John Feyne to speak to Commissioner Ken Lay every third week on ABC 774, is to complain that their reported matters have been ignored, sometimes for years. The Commissioner says to the callers to ring him if the Station Snr Sgt. won’t help but Ken Lay wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to take the calls, let alone action them!

Lawyers, you maybe able to call more volubly for a fix for this fiasco. Please do!!


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October 30, 2013 0116h

How myopic American conservatives seem to be! Conservatives directly oppose the overwhelming majority view on several key issues related to personal morality, gender, sexuality and choice. Whether it’s trying to limit reimbursement for birth-control in order to limit its reach, or opposing women’s right to control their own bodies, or insisting on maintaining Prohibition of illicit drugs contrary to most international experts, American conservatives do not listen or respect the American people and their wishes. Instead, conservatives think they know better and that their morality is the only acceptable variety. I must disappoint you all……in a country like Australia, only a tiny minority express agreement with your views. Abortion is freely available and assisted by Government, political parties have left the public bedroom and are increasingly minding their own business at last. Prostitution is legal and very well regulated and there is general acceptance of each person’s right to decide their values for themselves. American Conservatives want to take America back 50yrs before the next generation of enlightened young Americans assume power and legislate proscriptive statutes into history. What about your beloved constitution Conservatives? What about majority rules? What about equality for all? At least tell yourselves the truth…….that you want everyone to believe what you do and you reject anyone with a contrary view.

This post by Steve Straub of “The Federalist Papers” ( laments progressive gains in the U.S. and is commented on by a range of hard right-wing zealots that appear to be in a moral panic about the American public living their lives as they wish.

“There appears to be a full on assault on the first amendment, Christians and conservatives within the military.

Todd Starnes from FOX News reports:

Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. A soldier who attended the Oct. 17th briefing told me the counter-intelligence agent in charge of the meeting spent nearly a half hour discussing how evangelical Christians and groups like the American Family Association were “tearing the country apart.” In my opinion the Obama administration is determined to transform the Armed Forces into a liberal/progressive institution by chasing out those opposed to their policy goals.”

My comment is expressed as politely as I can make it but I really feel like shaking Conservatives and telling them to fuck off and take their noses out of my business.


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An hour ago, a Facebook friend posted the comment below this post:

I do not know what prompted his comments but I understand the massive ball of frustration and anger that can build inside anyone exposed to the Injustice System. I felt the need to comment and so wrote this in reply:

“I don’t know what this is about but when it comes to the Injustice System, I’m all too familiar with its failings! The major problem is that it’s a vehicle for societal control, not THE pathway to a civil society as we’ve been led to believe. 85% of legislators nowadays are lawyers……they write our laws…..then lawyers are peppered throughout the Police executive level, especially amongst its civilian advisors but even the last commissioner was a lawyer! Lawyers are the sole arbiters of the Judicial branch and pass judgement on us with reference to the laws their colleagues drafted! The accused are represented by lawyers, prosecuted by lawyers, face juries chosen & instructed by lawyers, sentenced by lawyers and passed to a Corrections service that reports to lawyers! There you have it! Total societal control and institutionalised conflicts of interest at every level PLUS the illusion of separation of State & Judiciary PLUS legislated prosecutorial immunity that overlooks mistakes, corrupt practices and other forms of prosecutorial or judicial misconduct. An elite group of outwardly conservative people crafting the society that best serves their purposes via very clever manipulation of an 800yr old British system designed to protect the power & privilege of the aristocracy and to prevent the unwashed masses from ever having any means, bar violent revolution, to obtain the reins of power and dismantle the status quo! Not a conspiracy theory…..just a natural & predictable outcome of a system functioning exactly as it was designed to do! What do u think?”

Whilst writing this post, my friend replied, “hit the nail on the head, jerry”

It’s something that troubles me more and more each day, as I see the warped priorities of the Injustice System damage and hurt ordinary citizens and protect the rich and privileged. I was incredulous to discover that Police are only interested in investigating two types of fraud, the poor, elderly pensioner cruelly ripped off by scammers and the corporations swindled out of millions by criminals with an insider connection. Both groups attract positive media when solved. Left hanging out in the cold is everyone else in the middle who has been defrauded. No Police interest is forthcoming to that group, the most frequent victims of fraud & white collar crime, unless the victim is able to afford to prepare an open and shut case, wrapped up in a bow, ready to prosecute! For instance, the Queensland Fraud Squad selects cases it will investigate based only on victims’ written submissions and sees its role in such precious terms that a return phonecall or email takes 6weeks to be received. And if you are rejected, crimes simply go uninvestigated and unresolved.



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Please read this article:

And my comment:

Rehabilitation is not offered in most Australian prisons and it is a matter of luck if an inmate is allocated to a facility with programs other than supplying slave labour at a couple of dollars per day. Even when there are programs, prisoners cannot access them until a set time period has elapsed and they are downgraded from the mandatory high level of security on admission, to a lower classification. This can take many months. This poor woman should have been defended as a case of battered wife syndrome & NOT incarcerated at all. Many women have avoided jail in circumstances involving substantial premeditation, unlike this case. The injustice system has failed her miserably all her life, beginning in her childhood. Of course, jail is better than life on the mean streets but where are the rehabilitation facilities that she really needs? They don’t exist or are in woefully short supply. There are very few votes in rehabilitating offenders. Our politicians, most of whom are lawyers, create the law, prosecute offenders, sentence them, incarcerate them & release them back into our midst with a shockingly poor parole system & barely any real help. Then the same lawyers, prosecutors, judges and politicians wonder why recidivism rates are so high! It’s a revolving door system & the legal profession collect the rent.

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