The problem is political correctness gone mad, together with a degree of ignorance of Islam that, given the scale of the problem in Britain, beggars belief. Fairly simple research and self-education reveals that wherever significant Muslim immigration occurs, rates of sexual assault and rape increase proportionally. The failure of law enforcement in Britain did not occur in Australia, where the Muslim rape gangs in Western Sydney were outed, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the “mastermind” sentenced to multi-decade incarceration in the same SuperMax jail as Australia’s worst serial killers. The issue of Muslim youths’ attitudes to non-Muslim females was prominently reported but only briefly.

Since the rise of ISIS, there has been reluctance in all levels of Government to establish or mention the historical contexts in which Islam operates. Far from being “nothing to do with Islam”, the British rape and grooming gangs, the selling of females as “sex slaves” and the cruel treatment of non-Muslim females generally has been the source of fear and resentment since Islam was founded. Britain’s nonsensical labelling of Pakistanis as “Asians” has made it a laughing stock amongst experts and academics who have decried the weak, factually incorrect, appeasement underpinning this designation. The creation of the epithet, “Islamophobia” is an associated disgrace. The howls of “racist” when Islam is criticised in any way is a distortion of reality worthy of being called a delusion. Muslims are members of the religion known as Islam and are drawn from dozens upon dozens of ethnicities. One cannot cry racism on the basis of religion, especially one so racially diverse.

I do not wish to educate Vice on Islam but I strongly recommend that you show no fear in stating clearly that the vast majority of the criminal sexual offenders in these British grooming crimes, are Pakistani Muslims…….it’s a fact and therefore cannot be criticised as anything else. Islam promotes the offering of three choices to non-Muslims; convert to Islam, pay the annual Jizya taxi in order to keep your head for that year, or die by the sword. ISIS is ISLAM and everything they have done is mandated by the sacred books of Islam. 15-20% of Muslims globally are adherents……orthodox, observant. With 1.5 billion Muslims, the number of adherents is between 200-300 million people. It’s not just a few “disaffected youths” that recognise the obligation to wage Jihad and aim to establish Islam as the sole world religion. It’s a heavily supported totalitarian ideology that strongly informed Kaiser Wilhelm II and Hitler after him, regarding the concepts of racial supremacy and the merciless attitude required to achieve their goals.

Please read these historical quotes by eminent non-Muslims dating back to the early 9th Century and think very long and hard about being honest with your readers. Non-Muslim females rate lower than Cattle in Islam and are accorded no rights, even the right to life.