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This article appeared in The Jerusalem Post today:

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has come under fire from both Jewish groups and the Democratic party after comparing America’s nuclear accord with Iran to the Holocaust.

Speaking with Breitbart News Saturday, the former Arkansas governor called Barack Obama “feckless” and “naive,” adding that by signing the deal the President “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

“This is the most idiotic thing, this Iran deal. It should be rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and by the American people. I read the whole deal. We gave away the whole store. It’s got to be stopped,” he said.

Huckabee’s comment drew immediate condemnation from the Democratic National Committee, the National Jewish Democratic Council and the Anti-Defamation League.

“From questioning President Obama’s religion to questioning whether or not President Obama loves America to asserting President Obama isn’t an American, we thought we had seen everything from the Republican Party and its presidential candidates,” said DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“But now, the most liked Republican presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee said that President Obama is marching Israelis to ‘the door of the oven’. This rhetoric, while commonplace in today’s Republican presidential primary, has no place in American politics. Cavalier analogies to the Holocaust are unacceptable. Mike Huckabee must apologize to the Jewish community and to the American people for this grossly irresponsible statement.”

The NJDC demanded that Huckabee’s fellow Republican candidates denounce his statement in the strongest terms.

”Far, far too often, this organization has found itself forced to denounce politicians for invoking the Holocaust in inappropriate and offensive ways. These comments by Gov. Mike Huckabee, however, may be the most inexcusable we’ve encountered in recent memory,” the group said in a statement which accused Huckabee of callous disregard for the memory of Holocaust victims.

“Whatever one’s views of the nuclear agreement with Iran – and we have been critical of it, noting that there are serious unanswered questions that need to be addressed – comments such as those by Mike Huckabee suggesting the president is leading Israel to another Holocaust are completely out of line and unacceptable,” said ADL national director Jonathan A. Greenblatt.

Huckabee has been an outspoken supporter of Israel and has visited the country several times in recent years.

During a 2014 press conference in Jerusalem, Huckabee also critiqued American Middle East policy, saying that he didn’t think that talks were “going anywhere at all.”

“Nothing has been asked of the Palestinians – nothing. Not one thing. And until there is some understanding that there must be recognition by the Palestinians of the Jewish state’s right to exist, I’m not sure what there is to discuss or negotiate.”

He added that he was flabbergasted that Israel is being pressured by the international community to negotiate with an adversary that will not concede its very existence, and teaches its children to celebrate terrorism.

“It’s very difficult to negotiate with someone who doesn’t believe you have a right to exist,” he said.

Daniel K. Eisenbud contributed to this report.

Some of the Comments below the article were moronic and I had to respond:

XLupusX, you and the ADL are ignorant in the extreme! Mike Huckabee began travelling to Israel at age 17yrs and has loved Israel ever since! He has been to Israel over 42 times!! He is very well known by Members of Knesset and  PM Netanyahu & has been recently honoured as the 3 millionth member of Stand Up For Israel in a live Internet broadcast watched by people the world over. He knows Israel and Israeli & Diaspora Jews like the back of his hand. He speaks to thousands of ordinary Israelis and Jews via Social Media (& on FNC until his announcement as a candidate). He has been misunderstood as insincere in these comments ONLY by those who don’t know how much good he has done for Israel and what a great supporter he has been for Israel. He knows the history of the Middle East accurately and comprehensively and can demolish detractors’ lies with real authority. Your insults are offensive lies and thousands of Israelis would be happy to put you straight on Mike Huckabee in a heartbeat!

  • ps. Mike Huckabee has taken the measure of the Mullahs & I would suggest we LISTEN to him over Obama & Kerry or pay a very high price! Iran will get a bomb in 10yrs or less. One H-Bomb will repeat the Holocaust by killing everyone in Israel! Understand that you progressive morons!!






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An open letter to President Obama was posted on an Iranian website ( today from Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani — the nephew of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  This letter is explosive and tells Obama, in essence, that the ayatollah, his uncle, is lying in negotiations, practicing the Shia doctrine of taqiyya in which it is permissible for Muslims to lie to the infidel for the advancement of Islam.   He advises the president not to pursue his nuclear deal with Iran and to focus on the atrocious human rights record of that country.  

Let’s allow the doctor to speak for himself:

Dear Mr. President,

I am presenting this open letter as one of the serious opponents of the Islamic republic of Iran on behalf of the like-minded opposition groups and myself. Because of my knowledge of this regime, especially of Ali Khamenei who is my uncle (my mother’s brother), I see it as my duty to inform you about this regime and the issue of nuclear negotiations with the Islamic regime of Iran.

Let me at first inform you that the regime that falsely calls itself a republic came to power in 1979 by deceiving Iranian people and the world through provoking Iranian people against the regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and gaining the support of the world community.

The tragedy of Cinema Rex*, believing in Khomeini’s words and then establishing a backward regime that is violent, medieval and against all international laws are all results of Iranian people and the world community being deceived. We are witnessing that not only a rich and cultured country like Iran has become a victim of this regime but also the Middle East and the whole free world. The intervention of Ali Khamenei’s regime (following Khomeini’s footsteps who had no other intention other that domination of Iraq) in Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is more than obvious. As if these were not enough, he has now added the Arabian Peninsula to that list.

In any case, this regime has done great damage to Iranians and to the international community.

We can find a historical example of this kind of deception prior to the Second World War. Hitler manipulated and deceived German people and European countries and the hesitation in addressing the problem with Hitler led to a great disaster.

Due to the changes in time, the domain of the disaster might become limited now but breach of human rights is the same, regardless of the number of people who become victimized in the process.

Ali Khamenei and his collaborators know very well that they will never become a nuclear power. They certainly do not have the national interest of Iranian in their mind; they just use the nuclear issue to bully the countries in the region and export their revolution and middle-aged culture to other countries. Obviously, you and European countries do not give the Islamic regime any concession unless you are certain that they comply with the agreement. The Islamic regime of Iran will certainly prolong the verification period the same way that they have delayed and prolonged the nuclear talks. It is in this period that the wounded regime will retaliate with its destructive policies.

The countless breaches of human rights violations, spreading of Islamic fundamentalism, intervention and creating crisis in the Middle East are all unacceptable and contrary to democratic and humane beliefs of yours and ours.

While we can, with some measure of decisiveness and courage, uproot the wicked tree of the Islamic regime of Iran, just settling for cutting its branches is nothing more than avoiding responsibility.

It is clear that the eradication of the Islamic regime of Iran is the responsibility and mission of Iranian people and specially the opposition abroad; however, by putting obstacles in front of Iranian people and the Iranian opposition abroad one prevents them from doing their task.

The Islamic regime of Iran, based on their deceptive nature have sent their mercenaries abroad and even managed to recruit and manipulate some American-Iranians. Individuals who out of self-interest are lobbying for the Islamic regime of Iran and hiding its true nature and giving a false picture of its intentions; in the same manner that while Khomeini was in France, the so-called Iranian intellectuals did not let people of Iran and the world, realize the true meaning “the Islamic republic”. Those so-called intellectuals polished the remarks of Khomeini and converted them to positive, popular, strong and victorious ones.

We see that unfortunately in your country and your state media (the Persian section of Voice of America) and especially in UK (the Persian section of BBC) the remarks of the opposition of Islamic regime of Iran are being censored and instead the indecent habit of analyzing and relaying statements of the Islamic regime of Iran have become a norm.

I have a deep understanding and insight of the habits, morals and true indentions of this regime and I find it necessary to let you and the world know that the true evil of the Islamic regime of Iran is far more damaging and dangerous to be resolved by just signing an agreement.

People who have always lied, deceived and believe in Taqiya**, people whose main goal is supremacy and domination over others can never be trusted.

Instead they should be confronted with the very basic principles that have led to their criminality


  • To put an end on breaching of human rights violations; in other words, an end to Qisas***, random executions, discrimination, suppression of dissent, media repression, religious and ideological hegemony.
  • Devolving power to the people and the abolition of restrictive laws, such as mandatory supervision in elections.
  • Giving freedom to religious minorities and repealing laws limiting the choice of thought and religion.
  • Non-interfere policy toward governments of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.
  • Cancelling the assassination orders of dissidents in the world that have resulted in the killing of journalists, writers and even cartoonists.

I believe that any agreement or concession that is not associated with these basic conditions in reality will only be assisting this regime in achieving its indecent goals.

The possible disaster following this kind of hesitation will be similar to the historical mistake made prior to the Second World War.

Ali Khamenei will not be satisfied with the little that he has today and surely, and in all secrecy, at the first possible moment will attempt to bully and dominate.

Removing the crippling sanctions without fundamental changes in this regime will not be in Iran’s interest and will only facilitates the Islamic regime of Iran in reaching its objectives.

United States of America and Europe should not jeopardize their long-term interests due to short-term ones.

There are powerful and pro-active forces in the Iranian opposition and if the censorship of the media that are supporting the Islamic regime of Iran were to be removed, the opposition can easily organize and assist the powerful civil disobedience of Iranian people.

Iranian people want peace and freedom; without this regime not only can they ensure the resurrection of a civilized country but also a peaceful region.

Yours respectfully

Dr.Mahmoud Moradkhani


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death iran

Three years ago I embarked on a quest with my mate Peter, to learn all we could about Islam BEFORE demonstrating credibility destroying ignorance in our various online comments and opinions. Neither of us wanted to be dismissed with the label of Islamophobe or told that we were taking Islamic scripture “out of context”. We have shared resources, literature, Islamic source materials, translated sermons, hundreds of subtitled videos of Islamic clerics, academics and jurists, read the works of famed Islamic commentators – past and present, found and digested hundreds of magazines, journals and newspapers written in English for Diaspora Muslims, attended lectures by visiting experts, listened to the words of former Muslims, former terrorists and Muslim leaders, spoken with reformist Muslim friends and kept abreast of all the political machinations involving Islam’s relations with the West, particularly the U.S., Britain and Australia, where we live. Being atheists and rationalists with science based educations, neither of us carried conflicting religious beliefs that might cloud our assessment of Islam’s fundamental aims and underpinnings.

Of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, 800,000 are illiterate and their knowledge of Islam is entirely based on the spoken word of family, community, religious leaders, etc. Of the 800,000 literate Muslims, a large number do not speak or understand Arabic, an impediment to a deep understanding of Islam, according to Qur’an scholars. A very large proportion of the global Muslim population, have only a very superficial understanding of Islamic scripture, commentary and law and are extremely vulnerable to manipulation, misinformation and self-serving, shallow or frankly false information regarding their religion.

When these facts are combined with the permission to deceive in the service of Islam using four distinct, named forms of deception that is unique to Islam, the religion becomes an highly effective form of propaganda, perfectly placed in adherents’ lives to bind them to the faith for life with guaranteed compliance with Islamic observance, law, political goals and social structure. Why is Islam so intent on living up to the meaning of its name…….”to submit”? Why is submission central to Islam and why is Islam so uniquely focused on becoming the one world religion, by whatever means possible?

Islamic Scholars and Clerics are universally obsessed with avoiding an open, honest discussion or debate about the ethical basis of Islam, its aims, the tasks that must be completed in order to allow Judgement Day to even be possible and the role of violent struggle and warfare as integral to the achievement of Islam’s central goals. The more knowledge one gains of the founder of Islam, Muhammad, the more understanding one gains of why this religion is fundamentally different to the other main world faiths. Of one fact you can be certain, Islam is NOT a “religion of peace” and Muhammad was definitely not an average man. 

Regarded by Muslims as “the perfect man” in every way, from how he ate and dressed to his morals and ethics, the reality is that Muhammad’s life was characterised by behaviour indicative of severe psychopathy. Despite a myriad of excuses offered by Islamic apologists, Muhammad’s actions in the area of matrimony and sex offer proof of his total disregard for the lives and rights of other human beings. He displayed narcissism and egocentrism on a grand scale and used violence or threats of violence and death to control his followers. The violence he perpetrated and mandated as required for punishment for any protest or non-compliance, was extraordinarily depraved and is probably best known in our lifetimes in the depravity of ISIS, the NAZIS, STALIN & other TYRANTS and DICTATORS.

Muhammad had 11 wives and many concubines. His favourite wife was 6yrs old when betrothed to the 55yr old Muhammad and this marriage was consummated when his bride was aged 9yrs. Another of his wives was once his daughter-in-law. His lust for her led him to exile his adopted son and prohibit all future adoption under Islamic Law so that his theft of her could never be challenged. Another wife was a married mother & member of a neighbouring Jewish tribe. To satisfy his depraved lust, Muhammad murdered all the men of the tribe, over 900 Jewish men and did away with her children. He took her as his wife and consummated his marriage to her, on the same day as he murdered her husband and children. See links for full information. Apart from his love-life, Muhammad spread Islam by the sword, leading his soldiers in constant aggressive wars against neighbouring peoples evermore distant from his home, until Islam had been established over an amazingly large area. 

By promising his followers an afterlife of perpetual sexual pleasure in return for martyrdom, Muhammad preached a religion that prefers death over life, where ensuring a good death has become far more important than living a good life. To ensure that such an horrific philosophy would survive the millennia unchallenged, Muhammad named Science and Maths as “Satanic”immediately leading to a cessation of scientific progress in the Muslim World that would continue to beggar Islamic nations, were it not for their oil reserves.

If all this was not enough, Muhammad ensured that the source scripture of Islam, the Qur’an, claimed to be of Divine Origin, was almost incomprehensible, with later chapters abrogating earlier ones on similar themes and the entire work ordered not by chronology but by number of words per chapter. The final chapters e.g.. Sura 9, are increasingly vicious, violent, murderous and depraved. They call for death to all Infidels who fail to convert to Islam or accept 2nd class  but protected status in return for the payment of a special tax. The Arab nations once had 1million Jewish residents, all of whom were forced to flee under the Ottomans, because of violent discrimination and genocidal actions.

Islam prohibits reform under penalty of death and leaving Islam provides one a death sentence too. Apart from the Qur’an, Muhammad’s Commentaries and some from his disciples (Hadiths) are viewed as central planks of the religion that must be followed. In more recent times, certain highly regarded scholars have seen their works on Islamic Law gain widespread acceptance and devotion……eg. The Reliance of the Traveller, which provides the detailed context that underpins Islamic Law. The Al Azhar University in Cairo, established in 962 AD, remains today as the centre of islamic jurisprudence for all for schools of Sunni islamic legal thought. It is this institution that Egypt’s President has called upon to begin the process of reforming Islam and bringing Islamic violent subjugation of the rest of the world, to a halt! Halting the Islamic quest for the elimination of all non-Muslims, especially the Jews, will require a fundamental shift in Islamic thought and tradition.

To complicate matters, Muhammad’s succession was anything but smooth and the disputes that arose led to the split between Sunni and Shia versions of Islam, each with its own disputed line of succession that Muslims have been killing each other over for centuries. Since Muhammad’s emergence, Islam has been responsible for the death of 275,000,000 people, mainly Muslims. It has been the most murderous entity in the entire history of Humanity.

A great deal more could be written and I encourage everyone to read, read and read some more to gain a thorough understanding of Islam and its motivations, goals and aims. Islam mandates conquest and conversion of the entire population of the world. That’s the bottom line!! For that reason, deliberately refusing to call Islamic Extremism, Islamic, is working for the enemy…… enemy that hates non-Muslims and wants the whole planet to be Muslim. Barak Obama understands this all very very well. He has chosen to defend Islam and to deceive Americans. When he ceased Qur’anic studies at age 12yrs, he was top of his class. He grew up in those early years, learning Jew Hatred and the underpinnings of violence. His hatred of Netanyahu is born of jew Hatred, especially of a brave, decorated Jewish commando with several Ivy League U.S. degrees to his name……a genius and an Israeli War Hero…….leaving Obama as unable to hold his own in Netanyahu”s company. Obama’s nastiness is simple ENVY!

It is Israel that is so much maligned. Recent commentary on a NYT article on Israel was so shockingly, horribly vicious and based on a grossly ignorant historical knowledge base. NYT should be ashamed of its readers’ ignorance of readily available historical facts and should seek to educate the public consuming their product. Huge gaps exist in Americans’ understanding of Iran and its leadership. Make no mistake, Obama and Kerry’s frantic obsession with getting an Iran deal, has led to the formulation of a terribly anti-Israel deal that will indeed threaten Israel’s very survival……no doubt! But let me be clear: Obama et al do not give a damn if Israel and the Jews cease to exist. Every move in the last 7yrs tells Jews that he is quite willing to see Israel destroyed. American Jews have still to fully wake…..there is not much time left to be complacent! I’ll publish this now. Please come back in 24hrs for great links to teach you everything you need to know about Islam but were afraid to ask!!


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Just as the sanctions against Iran really start to bite, the U.S. administration becomes delusional and suddenly accepts the word of a new Iranian President (who was a member of the previous administration), of a nation whose Ultimate Leader is not the President! It is Ayatollah Khameini and his panel of Imams that rule Iran. It beggars belief that Obama’s advisors don’t fully appreciate these facts and must have communicated their scepticism to him, so why loosen the sanctions when they are working? If that isn’t inexplicable enough, the concessions agreed to by Iran do NOT require them to cease enriching Uranium, nor will they have to dismantle a single centrifuge or the new reactor that is being built to weapons-enabling specifications!

Get it really clear my friends, there is NO NEED for Uranium enrichment in order to produce nuclear power for domestic consumption. So WHY does Iran insist on enriching Uranium? Duh!!! Homer Simpson could work that question out!! Iran will now have the ability to restart the push for a nuclear weapon when they decide to do so and they will ensure that no Inspectors will ever find the location where the work is being done. Why won’t the rest of the world take their promise to destroy Israel seriously? Because it’s the Jews who are being threatened with destruction once again! The U.S. could not tolerate nuclear missiles on Cuba for a minute and brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in its brinkmanship with the Soviet Union. But tiny Israel, surrounded by 400,000,000 declared enemies, is expected to sit quietly while Iran plots and schemes to be the exalted state to rid the Middle East of the Jews, a goal they talk about constantly in their national media.

Today is a dark day for Israel, for Jewish people everywhere and for the non-Muslim World. Mark my words!


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Another day, another hopelessly biased anti-Israel op-ed in “Online Opinion”. Philip Giraldi, 19/08/2013, claims there is no evidence that Iran has aspirations to join the nuclear club or to annihilate Israel, both of which it has shouted out its clear intentions for many years.

After assuring the reader that there is nothing at all to fear from Iran, Giraldi spews forth several paragraphs of anti-Israel propaganda and calls for the fulfilment of his ultimate wish, the disarming of Israel. Yeah, Right!!! Below is my recently posted OnLine Opinion comment:

“The author seeks to protect Iran and further demonise Israel by distortions of reality that are breathtaking in their audacity. Israel is not alone in fearing Iranian nuclear aspirations and that nation’s historical record of Jew hatred and duplicitous behaviour. There are cogent reasons that U.S. led sanctions are tightening around Iran. Muslim clerics and even Palestinian Authority politicians have publicly stated that they expect Iran to mount a nuclear attack on Israel as soon as a bomb is available, with one saying, “if we had an atomic bomb we would have dropped it on Israel this morning”! The new Iranian President is as beholden to Ayatollah Khameni as his predecessor and to describe this dictatorship’s political process as anything other than a single party dictatorship is ridiculous. Iran has a huge investment of both money and prestige at stake after years of promising the Arab World that it alone has the balls to take on and destroy Israel and after decades of deriding successive Arab leaders for negotiating with the “spawn of pigs and apes” and the “great Satan”. The author clearly despises Israel and is an apologist for the bellicose tyranny that is Iran.”

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