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“What Pisses Me Off About The Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Attack” – Stefan Molyneux – 19th December 2016 – MUST SEE!

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It’s a Myth that Trump Called for the Russians to Hack anyone! It all Started with Katy Tur!

Obama repeats media creation that president-elect called on foreign government to hack Clinton!

It has become an unshakable article of faith on the Left that President-Elect Donald Trump asked Russia to hack computer systems in order to defeat his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton. Of course Russia hacks, the People’s Republic of China hacks, North Korea hacks, and every country that gathers intelligence hacks, with varying degrees of efficiency.

At what was billed as President Obama’s final press conference Friday, the outgoing president said he was confirming Russia tried to interfere in the Nov. 8 election.

“This happened at the highest levels of the Russian government,” Obama said. But there has never been any evidence that Trump called upon Russia to hack anybody. It simply never happened. And this is not an arguable point. It is not a close call. Yet eyewitnesses say they saw and heard something that didn’t actually take place.

“I personally saw President-Elect Trump say, go ahead and hack Hillary Clinton,” liberal pundit Juan Williams said Thursday on “The Five” on Fox News Channel. Williams seemed to be referring to a July 27 press conference in Doral, Florida, at which the mainstream media hallucinated then-Republican candidate Trump was inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to use cyberterrorism to help him win the White House.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a matter-of-fact tone that Trump asked Russia to use cyber warfare against Clinton. “There’s ample evidence that was known long before the election and in most cases long before October about the Trump campaign and Russia — everything from the Republican nominee himself calling on Russia to hack his opponent,” Earnest said. “It might be an indication that he was obviously aware and concluded, based on whatever facts or sources he had available to him, that Russia was involved and their involvement was having a negative impact on his opponent’s campaign.” “That’s why he was encouraging them to keep doing it,” Earnest said.

Where did these people come up with a dangerous, provable falsehood that is undermining both the American electoral system and the incoming administration?

Take a look at the video footage of Trump’s July 27 press conference!

At the press conference, Trump, half-jokingly, urged the Russians to hand over those supposedly personal emails from Hillary’s accounts that had disappeared into the ether. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump said.

He added sarcastically: “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Remember that Clinton admitted to grabbing some 66,000 emails and then returning about half of them which she claimed didn’t touch upon personal matters. She said those personal emails were deleted.

A few minutes later in the press conference, NBC reporter Katy Tur shouted a loaded question at Trump to introduce into the mainstream media ecosystem the Big Lie that Trump had personally invited Russia to interfere in U.S. elections.

“Do you have any qualms about asking a foreign government — Russia, China, anybody — to interfere, to hack into the system of anybody in this country?”

Trump was understandably dismissive of Tur’s question without specifically denying the premise underlying it — which was the false assertion that Trump asked a foreign government to engage in hacking. Tur restated her question replacing the word “qualms” with “pause.”

“Hey, you know what gives me more pause, that a person in our government, crooked Hillary Clinton — here’s what gives me more pause,” Trump said.

He continued:

“Be quiet, I know you want to, you know, save her. That a person in our government, Katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails. That gives me a big problem. After she gets a subpoena. She gets subpoenaed, and she gets rid of 33,000 emails. That gives me a problem. Now, if Russia or China or any other country has those emails, I mean to be honest with you, I’d love to see them.” Trump reinforced his point on Twitter a few minutes later. He tweeted: “If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 illegally deleted e-mails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!”

In the meantime, The New York Times wrote on July 27: “Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that he hoped Russian intelligence services had successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s email, and encouraged them to publish whatever they may have stolen, essentially urging a foreign adversary to conduct cyberespionage against a former secretary of state.”

The New York Times and CNN then vigorously promoted the lie. And so Katy Tur’s strategically placed Big Lie was carved into the Left’s narrative and repeated so many times that the mainstream media now treats it as indisputably true. It is now regurgitated almost continuously by journalists, editorial writers, Democrats, Republicans, left-wingers, and even some conservatives who don’t know any better.

So-called liberals and progressives use the power of narrative — of telling a story — in order to alter the public’s perception of reality. They take real facts and then they distort them or put a plausible spin on them until the truth is massaged to serve their interests.

In other words, they lie. Yet not everyone who swears up and down that Trump asked Vladimir Putin to interfere in the recent U.S. elections is lying.

Lying requires dishonest intentions. A sincerely held belief cannot be a lie.

But it’s important to remember that this ugly lie began with one person and her name is Katy Tur.

Matthew Vadum is senior vice president at Capital Research Center, an investigative think tank in Washington, D.C.


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Politics in the United States of America


Wall Street Loves Hillary

My 21yr old daughter must get bored and frustrated with 18 months of my constant desire to talk about the U.S. election and my near certainty that the crookedness of Hillary Clinton would make ordinary Americans very uncomfortable and that it was the escalating absence of trust that would pull the Presidential rug out from under her feet. My daughter listened dutifully but I knew that she had no context in which to process what I was telling her about the workings of he American electoral process and comparing the candidates.

Despite living in Australia all my life, I have always had a voracious appetite for News and a bent towards researching the backstory of material unfamiliar to me. As an opener to future communication about this topic, I sent my daughter an email:

Dear Kya,


Hi honey…… a few thoughts today as I sit at my desk trying to focus & avoiding reports…..did two this week!!


Far from being deplorable, Donald Trump is being assailed by Clinton’s proxy, Jill Stein, as Hillary is prohibited from requesting recounts by virtue of her formal concession of the election to Trump on Election Night.

Given that Stein raised less than $3 million in the 18 month election campaign, her raising $7 million in one week for the recounts in 3 states, is deeply suspicious & strongly points to funding by Hillary’s mentor, George Soros & the Clintons themselves. As Trump gathers a team of highly successful movers & shakers around him and the Dow Jones hits record highs, confidence is growing that Trump will, to a major extent, keep his campaign promises of overhauling America’s Trade Deals, Taxation System, the Business Regulatory quagmire, restoring Israel to closest ally status and ceasing the disastrous Obama/Clinton policies of allowing Sanctuary Cities and failing to prosecute and ban ILLEGAL immigrants who commit felonious acts whilst in the U.S. & who return illegally multiple times.

As many people are discovering, the campaign savvy, show business, Celebrity Apprentice trained Trump has developed a theatrical persona, not at all like the man described by friends, family, employees and business partners and clearly not the persona he inhabited during 4 decades of  hard work & demonstrable success. It’s fascinating to hear his colleagues express sheer incredulity upon witnessing this 70yr old man  working 7 days a week, sleeping 4hrs per night and seemingly never tiring. Those who knew or know of his father, say that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

It’s for these reasons Kya that I keep saying that I believe he deserves a fair go but be aware that the mainstream media are ideologically totally opposed to Nation States (separate countries), Border Restrictions & placing any expectations on anyone deemed ’oppressed.’ The Democrats’ fake concern for the blacks & the poor, born out of their sheer lust for power, control & wealth, is a cynical evolution of their 240yr history of enslaving the downtrodden, either literally and overtly, or covertly, by providing incentive stripping welfare handouts, rat-shit education and barely habitable inner city slum public housing, where Police have set up observation posts on cranes that cast super-bright spotlights into people’s apartments so that they can detect the drug crime that provides the populace some escape from their nightmarish existence and cart the next generation of fathers off to outrageously long sentences in prison, from which many emerge converted to Radical Islam, ready to “kill and be killed” (famous quote by Muhammad regarding the duty of an observant Muslim) but ill-prepared to resume responsibility for their kids, who become the next generation of inmates.

So perhaps we will soon be able to say goodbye to Presidents bowing to & kissing the hand of the King of the House of Saud,  Say goodbye to Presidents deceiving the Public that “Islam” comes from the Arab word for “Peace” rather than the accurate origin, “submission”, Say goodbye to the brutal beasts of Iran, Iraq and the 56 Muslim majority countries that Obama allowed to run riot at the United Nations, where in one year the U.N. Human Rights Council passed 20 Resolutions agains Israel and 3 against all the monstrous regimes in the world, Say goodbye to Mexican killers & crack fiends illegally in the U.S. shooting their illegal guns, killing innocent women walking on piers with their dads, being deported 5 times and never being handed over to the FBI or Immigration Authorities because bleeding heart “Regressives” have declared their cities “Sanctuary Cities”.

Yep, those who opposed Trump feared him “draining the swamp”, as he calls the Washington Elite. They were terrified that he would ignore and exile the hundreds of suck-up lobbyists &  power brokers who don’t give a shit about ordinary people like us and you know what? I for one, hope he does exactly that!



dad  xxxxxx

ps. For this and many other reasons, Donald Trump’s disruption of the Status Quo is bloody fantastic. 

*This is just my opinion honey & as always, I welcome & enjoy debate & discussion!!

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