Congressman Keith Ellison is one of two Muslim Congressional Representatives and today I came across video of his appearance on Bill Maher’s TV Show, Real Life. What I saw was a typical apologist description of Islam, full of deceptive answers and dissimulation. When he started talking about non-Muslims taking the Qur’an “out of context”, Bill Maher and much of the audience, groaned. Whilst I must admit that I too groaned. I also wrote the following comment.

“The Congressman is an apologist for Islam and uses deception to excuse Islam’s hateful foundation. The Qur’an represents only 14% of the Trilogy of Islam’s three source texts, the others being the Haddiths and the Sunnah. Less violent verses like those quoted by the Congressman are either plagiarised from Jewish texts or are overwritten by later chapters due to the Law of Abrogation, unique to Islam, where later verses on an issue abrogate earlier versus. The Qur’an devotes at least 60% of its content to the non-believer, saying again & again that the non-believer is defective, unworthy and must be converted to Islam or eventually exterminated.

Islam promotes deception as a valid tool to advance the faith. In fact, four named forms of deception are provided to Muslims by the Trilogy of Source Texts. The reality is that we should all take note of the Congressman’s suggestion to inspect, study and research the Qur’an and the other texts. Most people cannot be bothered doing so but if they do, they will come to the only possible conclusion, that Islam offers Peace only to other observant Muslims and perpetual war to everyone else.




  1. I’m not going to beat around the bush; the majority of Muslims are either violent, or apologetic are far too defensive to Islam. Thus, they are enabling the offenders.

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