Today I spotted this question in the comments of an article about the U.N.

Please tell me why the UN now is considered useless – in 1947 it was very popular, what happened?

I felt compelled to answer:



Because it began with approximately 60 nations and world peace as its primary agenda but has been taken over by vested interest groups, particularly the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, comprising around 80 Muslim nations whose agenda is fed by obsessive Jew Hatred, as mandated by all Islamic source texts and as required by emulation of the life and actions of Muhammad. Given that Muhammad decreed that those who attempt to alter the commands of Allah as revealed to Muhammad, must be put to death, 1400yrs of implementing Shariah without permission to modernise it has led to Muslim Nations having to live with the mutually exclusive drives of adherence to Islam and living in the 21st century with mutual respect of non-Muslims and their beliefs. The main reason that the U.N. is useless today is because cowardly, Chamberlainesque, apologist Western Nations have operated with the ridiculous notion that being nice to one’s haters will change their desire to kill you. These nations have elected Saudi Arabia to chair the Human Rights Commission of the U.N. and similarly laughable appointments have diminished the U.N.’s ability to be taken seriously. A 2015 example of U.N. uselessness is the 100 condemnations of Israel Vs three condemnations of all other nations combined and the presence of a permanent agenda item (#7) for every meeting of the relevant department, examining Israel and condemning it. No other nation on Earth is treated this way. The cost of the U.N. is primarily borne by America and its taxpayers, to the tune of 2-3 Billion $$$ per year. The cost-benefit analysis of America’s continued presence in the U.N. is slipping ever more rapidly towards a decision to withdraw.



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