On a daily basis, politicians, commentators, op-ed authors and many other theologically illiterate non-Muslims, pontificate about “the religion of peace” without ever having educated themselves about the life of its founder, Muhammad and the subsequent history of Islam over the last 1400 years. Is it arrogance that allows them to guess that all religions stand for “good” and are pretty much the same, or have they fallen prey to the accepted Islamic tactics of perpetual grievance and subsequent victimhood. 

What renders me speechless is the condemnation emanating from these ignorant “experts” for anyone armed with readily proven facts that they interpret as evidence of “bigotry” and “Islamophobia”. 

Today I listened to our National Broadcaster’s morning current affairs program, where researchers were revealing the results of a recent survey of Australian Muslims’ recent experience of bigotry, racism, discrimination or Islamophobia. The take away headline was that 66% of those Muslims surveyed agreed that they had been so victimised. This is about 4 times the national average for experiencing this list of unwelcome negative occurrences. No definition of terms was provided and there was no evidence provided listeners that any corroboration was attempted. 

No doubt, this narrative of beleaguered Muslims will carry the day, when in fact, actual physical assaults or severe verbal assaults against Jews in Australia, greatly outnumber those targeted towards Muslims. This is repeated in the U.S. and elsewhere, with a clear correlation between the size of the Muslim population and the number of anti-Jewish attacks. On a per-Capita basis, Jews are at far greater risk of violent anti-Semitic attack than Muslims. I would suggest that Muslim complaints, their volume and intensity do not reflect the facts on the street.

So, to cut a long story mercifuly brief, I watched a short Fox News segment  of an interview with Dr Michael Welner, of Depravity Scale fame, regarding radicalisation of American Muslim youth. The usual false narrative of disenfranchised, isolated, unemployed Muslim youths finding purpose in Jihadism was repeated and a distinction drawn with Jihadists from Muslim majority nations, who supposedly “grew up” with the Jihad imperative. 

I decided to comment:

“Muhammad was a prototypical psychopath with typical malignant narcissism. His conscienceless blood lust, exploitation of women, pedophilia, depraved cruelty and overarching demand for control of his followers in perpetuity, makes the Muslim claim that he was the “perfect man”, delusional. An understanding of Islam is not possible without reading extensively on the life of Muhammad. Few non-Muslims know that the world centre for Sunni Islam is the Al Azhar University in Cairo (established 962AD) and that its current teaching of Islamic Jurisprudence validates ISIS’ stated aims & methods as entirely consistent with orthodox Islam. When ISIS established itself in Syria, one of the first tasks was to set up a centre for Islamic Doctrine, staffed by several highly educated and respected clerics. Remember that the leader of ISIS is himself a pHD in Islamic Studies. The ISIS glossy monthly English language magazine, “DABIQ” has contained articles such as 8 page justification for the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot or a similar religious justification for taking sex slaves. These religious articles have been acknowledged from Cairo as well argued and accurate. DO NOT look towards adherent Muslims to rid us of ISIS. Instead, we must stop the false “religion of peace” narrative that prevents reform-minded Mslims from gaining any traction in their communities. They need all the support and protection we can offer!”


With false narratives almost totally obscuring the realities of Islam from examination, it is hard to decide where to begin. One thing is for certain though…….if citizens of western nations accepted as much dissimulation and obfuscation as they seem prepared to do regarding Islam, we would all be accusing the Apollo 11 astronauts of spending their time on a back lot at Universal!


  1. vonleonhardt2 Says:

    Good luck, the thing is they don’t want to face the issues in front of them; namely, post-Christian secularism isn’t the culmination of humanity they want to be. Islam is medieval/ancient in worldview but their desire is to subsum it into secularville (controled private therepy religion) like everything else but it’s not cooperating. If they say it can’t be peaceful, shut up, and get in line… they are showing their own views may be wrong.

    They will let the world burn before that.

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