One of the Source Texts of Islam

One of the Source Texts of Islam

Test-Tube News has a Video on Israeli-Arab conflict that is full of inaccuracies. I commented as follows:
This video contains several serious inaccuracies. Firstly, it is crucial to understand that the Arab population of the British Mandated Area was only 120,000 Bedouin in 1928. The land was barren and rock-strewn. 2000yrs of its use as a thoroughfare for various armies had seen nearly all trees cut down and the topsoil blown away. British commanders said the land was virtually empty and desolate. Even before WWII, Jews migrated to the area and bought up land from absentee Arab landowners, eventually purchasing nearly 50% of the land designated by the Partition Plan. Arab leaders prohibited landowners from selling to Jews under penalty of death but the greatly inflated prices they obtained led to much civil disobedience. Jewish settlers pre-1939 irrigated and reclaimed the barren land, planted crops and planted millions of trees, transforming the land and creating a huge number of jobs. 700,000 mainly Jordanian Arabs migrated to Israel to take these jobs and improve their lives. Two hours after the Partition Plan created 2 States in the Mandated area, 7 Arab Nations declared a war of extermination on Israel – but they lost. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem & his protege, Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat, caused a panic by falsely claiming that the Jews planned a mass killing of Muslims. About 500,000 Muslims fled toward Jordan, from whence they had originally emigrated. The Hashemite minority monarch, King Hussein, did not want the refugees to return and blocked them in the West Bank, where refugee camps were established. The Jordanian Kingdom has refused to let these former citizens of Jordan return, preferring to use them as pawns in a horrid game to rid Muslim land of the hated Jews. Muhammad commanded all Muslims to eliminate all Jews from the earth before the Islamic Judgement Day could arrive. Even one remaining Jew would prevent the much anticipated “end days”. The Jordanian Arabs stuck in refugee camps were not called Palestinians until 1967, a fact confirmed by the PLO UN representative in a speech to the Security Council in 1977. The Palestinians as a distinct people were fabricated to allow them to replace the Jews as “underdogs”. All claims of historical Palestinian ownership and residence in Israel are totally false (look it up!) and the truth supports a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for 3500yrs. The Arabs have attacked Israel in aggressive war on 4 occasions, 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. So, what do the Arabs want? The PLO Constitution, Hamas Charter, Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto and Al Qaeda Jihad Blueprint ALL CONTAIN THE NON-RECOGNITION OF THE JEWISH STATE & THE INTENTION TO ANNIHILATE ISRAEL AND ALL THE JEWS. The PLO expressed disdain about the West Bank and Gaza from 1948 – 1967 and always expressed the intention to retake all of Israel – an ONE STATE SOLUTION. Nothing in any of the PLO’s publications has ever accepted the TWO STATE SOLUTION and they DO NOT WANT IT! So who should Israel negotiate with? All the Arab organisations want one thing………all Jews DEAD. That’s the bottom line and if you doubt me, read what is clearly stated in the Qur’an, Haddiths and various Sura. Read it for yourselves. When you consult the Qur’an, keep in mind that it is arranged by length of chapter, NOT CHRONOLOGICALLY. The final, crucial chapter is Sura (chapter) 9. All Muslims know what this chapter mandates……hatred of the Infidel, victory by deceit and stealth and eventual world Islam. For those who oppose this plan, DEATH is their destiny. The above account will never be accurately told by the media……most are ignorant and uninformed. Research Islam and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the place where it all begins, the words of the Qur’an, infallible and unmodifiable under penalty of DEATH and keep in mind that Islam was created in the 7th Century, 1400yrs ago. Since then, 275,000,000 people have been murdered in Allah’s name. Jewish History is over 5700yrs old and Jews do NOT try to convert others. They want to be left alone. Israel is the only Democracy in the entire Middle East. It is a tiny speck surrounded by 400,000,000 Muslims. Why is Israel such a target for the Muslim Nations? Because their religion WILL NEVER TOLERATE THE EXISTENCE OF THE JEWS.


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