Below is my response to commenters who ripped into me and Israel for expressing grave doubts regarding the so called “DEAL” with Iran:

“Iran has deceived the West for decades and dozens of IAEA inspectors have said so publicly. The current head of the IAEA says he is sounding an “alert to the world” that Iran must not be trusted. I certainly don’t hate Persians…….I despise the Ayatollahs that have turned that country into a theocratic prison. The 2009 election is a perfect example of what the clerics think of their own youth…..they killed them on the streets for protesting electoral fraud! Supporters of Obama have very short memories. Unlike many politicians, when Ayatollah Khameini repeatedly calls Jews the cause of all the worlds’ problems and swears that he will destroy Israel, you would be a fool not to believe him. Hitler told Germans exactly what he planned for Europe’s Jews….a Jew free Europe! 

By 1939, it was clear that didn’t mean putting them into refugee boats and sending them elsewhere but the world DID NOT take him at his word. Same thing now… sad that you are willing to risk so many innocent people. Islam demands the death of all Jews….read the Qur’an, Haddiths, Islamic Jurisprudence, Reliance of the Traveler, ask Al Azhar University…..all agree with one voice, Sunni or Shi’ia, the Jews must be destroyed if Judgement Day and ascension to Paradise is to occur. Ignorance of Islam (which I have studied extensively), is leading you down a path of believing Iran’s dissimulation. Perhaps you are unaware that Islam allows four specific, named types of deception of Infidels in order to defend Islam and further its goals. The Iranians used these strategies without diplomats recognising their origin, as they have done for years. Mark this post of mine for future reference. 

Remember that 1/2 the 1.6B Muslims on earth are illiterate and many more cannot speak or read Arabic. Very few of these people know what is really in the Source Documents of Islam. I suggest to all to take the time to read and study the life of Muhammad and the underlying aims and tenets of Islam. The reference materials are freely available. Then, once you have a proper understanding of Islam, read the published manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood, of the Ayatollahs and of Al Queda’s seven stage plan for world Islam. This is no joke…….go read what Churchill, who studied Islam closely, said about the threat of Islam, beginning in 1899 and continuing all his life! As far as Iran defeating ISIS, Iran wants hegemony over the Arabian world and the destruction of Israel. They are using ISIS as a decoy for their true goals. Ask Charles Krauthammer and General Dempsey, former Joint Chief of US Armed Forces. Look up their comments on You Tube. Stop with personal opinion…….read, listen, watch and learn!” 

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