Progressive “secularist”, Kyle Kulinski, American born blogger and podcaster of Polish and Italian origin, professed nasty and hateful anti-Israel sentiments in his latest YouTube video. Kulinski repeats the usual tropes of Palestinian rights and Israeli colonisation, stating that he would prefer Israel to withdraw to 1947 borders. If he had to, he could except the indefensible 1967 borders that have been rejected by the CIA as requiring modification. After watching this rubbish, I still felt compelled to make a comment as follows:

“1. The CIA calls the 1967 borders “indefensible”, stating that advances in military technology necessitates reconsideration of borders.
2. Latest IAEA report claims IRAN denying access to new facilities despite repeated requests. 
3. There was no distinct Palestinian race or nationality prior to its fabrication by Arafat post 1967 Arab-Israeli War. This stated in 1977 by PLO representative in speech to UN. Created to take “underdog” position. 
4. Israel has offered to meet 98% of Arab demands at least twice in past but answer always “NO!”
5. No-one, not even you, can expect ISRAEL to negotiate peace with HAMAS as part of the PA government. The history of Hamas in GAZA demonstrates that HAMAS will use any land obtained to mount attacks on Israel. 
Overall, Sir, your anger at Israel’s stubborn demand that it continue to exist, clearly demonstrates how very little you care about Israel and the Jews who live there!”
I fail to understand why progressives must distort history in order to further their anti Israel and anti-Semitic agenda. It must be due to a complete inability to find rational arguments for their contentions.

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