A review so characteristic of self-loathing, blind progressives, whose knowledge of Islam is derived solely from appeasers and historical revisionists. Were it not for Obama’s retreat, designed to sabotage & halt the anti-jihadist victory within grasp of Coalition Forces, the revival of the Caliphate would not have been possible. Published in 1982 by Muslim Brotherhood central command and again in edited form by Al Qaida in 2000, the “Manifesto” or “Project” lays out the Sunni/Salafist schedule of Global Jihad. Establishing the Caliphate was scheduled for 2013-2016………mission accomplished! Why a journalist fails to utilise these sources when writing about the gravity of the threat underpinning the brutal war in Iraq is unclear to me but I suspect is due to ignorance of Islamic Supremacist source material, rather than maliciousness. Al Qaida, who spawned ISIS, are following a published seven stage schedule of Global Jihad with completion expected by 2050-2060. Why so long? The Global Jihad will depend for success on the Global Muslim population reaching a critical mass or tipping point, at which time, the end game of mass conquest will be prosecuted against non-Muslims in lockstep with Qur’anic mandate & instruction. This isn’t conspiracy theory! Rather, evidence can be directly adduced from the documentary evidence available from the two prior failed attempts at establishing ISLAM as the sole world religion. Rather than demonise the U.S. Armed Forces’ 1st decade efforts to confront Global Jihad (supported by 40% of British Muslims), commentators must begin to research the Holy Islamic Source Texts themselves, rather than relying on dishonest “Islamic Scholars”! When Egypt’s El Sisi, fixes the Grand Mufti of Egypt with a rapier stare at Al Azar University (est. 962AD) and demands that Global Jihad be abandoned, he is correct to term it a call to “revolutionise ISLAM”. Why would El Sisi ask the gathered Imams if they are really wanting to pit 1.6Billion Muslims against over 6Billion non-Muslims? He pleaded and warned & his message was more effective than bullets……Islam of 632AD does not translate to the 21st Century and failure to reform can only lead to the shocking, primitive brutality we have seen from all sides. BUT recall the origins of this clash of civilisations – NOT oil or wealth! But from a Supremacist, Fascist ideology masquerading as a monotheistic religion, a diabolically clever construction by a consumate psychopath 1000x more effective a cult leader than the JIM JONES’ & DAVID KORESH’s of the 20th Century. To an atheist, psychiatrist with 30yrs forensic experience and no ethnic, racial or religious affiliations to distort my scientific analysis of Islamism, the current global conflict conforms to an horrific example of murderous sibling rivalry for the ultimate approval of Allah/God/Father and the right to claim the birth-rights (rewards) of the “first-born” (dominant, pious, good) son. A motive for homicide since the dawn of time, such archetypal paradigms are useful in understanding seemingly crazy, mutually destructive behaviour. Think about this Mr Rowlands and apply the paradigm to American Sniper, even just as an intellectual exercise and review the subliminal, subtexts of the film in the context I am hypothesising, in order to suggest novel explanations for the film’s great success and the celebration of the outcomes portrayed. Superficial examination of this film, lead to nothing but glib, fatuous conclusions.

ps. I saw American Sniper today and found it a fascinating, portrayal of innate patriotism, loyalty and courage, inspired by a man’s gut feeling that the enemy is a truly formidable existential threat to all he believes is sacred about his country, its founders and its people. No-one should under-estimate or second guess what Chris Kyle saw in Iraq, or how horrified it made him to imagine that evil arriving at America’s shores. With that in mind, his heroism is even more astounding than so far spoken and I believe the astonished American public are reacting from their gut feelings that this man and others like him, have seen the Devil and have been prepared to die to stop its consumption of all that’s good in this world. You want Superheroes? Look in your own backyards!

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