Hadith (Abi Dawud 4355-56): Beheading is the legal execution for apostates who refuse to repent

Absolutely correct!

The Muslim Issue

If anyone tells you that Isis (Islamic state) and other terrorist groups do not represent Islam, do not believe them. They’re just trying to deceive you.

92% of Saudi’s who responded to a poll, agreed that the Islamic state accurately represents the laws and teachings of prophet Mohammed.

If you want to leave Islam you’re branded a heretic and criminal. The punishment for apostasy is death. As senior cleric Yusuf Qaradawi said; if it wasn’t for the killing of apostates Islam would never have survived and would not exist today. Glad he could admit that Islam has no capacity of its own to survive and can only exist under the sword.

Apostates are asked to repent before being killed. If they refuse to repent, their method of execution is beheading. If they repent they are killed in any other way:


Narrated Mu’adh ibn Jabal:

AbuMusa said: Mu’adh came to…

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