Video: Muslim Slavery of Africans in Sudan

The Muslim Issue

Nothing much has changed between Africans and their Islamic slave traders to this day.
Muslim slave trader props his slave to a branch and is about to hack him with an axe (upper left). This barbarity of trading in people, a practice Europe tried to ban for 1,200 years, continues to this day in Muslim majority regions. Strangely blacks in America seem to have no problems with it and are not complaining, or opposing Islam and Muslims.
In late 2012 a Saudi national offered a 26-year old ‘castrated African slave’ for sale on the Arab version of facebook. He described him as, Black skin, 172 cm tall, 60 kilos and offered at highest bid.
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.58.47 PMMuslim traded Ethiopia slaves rescued after being dropped off at the Israeli border.



While blacks in America are joining their assumed Muslim ‘brethren’, Muslims use them as a tool for their nefarious causes. In…

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