One year after UK grants visa free travels to Arabs, Arab baby names top list of newborns

The Muslim Issue

The British government is so insane there is no end to the idiocy. In January of 2014, incompetent Home Secretary Theresa May granted Schengen-type travels to Arabs, basically meaning visa free travels. They are now everywhere. If you travel to London you no longer feel you are in a Western country. We get endless emails complaining about the rapid change in demographics that transforms in just months.

One year later Arab names top the list of newborns in the country… Duh.

Let’s not forget that Britain’s insane immigration laws grant citizenship to children born in the country [“hello, wake up!”]. They should have thought of this before granting them visa free travels. And why would anyone be that stupid to open doors to Muslim roaches?? The country is descending into a pathetic state. You don’t know if you’re in Riyadh or London when you visit that declining basket case anymore.

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