Muslims in Pakistan tie up 16-yr old Christian girl and take turns to raping her for hours

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pakistanis rape christian girl

Six Muslims Take 16 Year Old Christian Girl, Tie Her Up, And Rape Her One After The Other, For Six Straight Hours, Everyday

Ted, November 20, 2014

By Rescue Christians

A gang of Muslims in Pakistan took a young Christian girl named Saba Bibi, who was one of their slaves, tied her up and each one took turns raping her for hours every day. Saba and her family were slaves to Muslims at a brick kiln and it was in this place of slavery where they were tortured with these horrors.  Saba retold the story to us in an exclusive interview:

That day I came home after work and two men caught me. When my father tried to save me, they pushed him and beat him so much. They took me to the kiln (working place) and tore off my clothes. I cried and begged before them, I screamed…

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