Muslims in Pakistan Take Young Christian Girl And Smash Her Against Rocks

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Muslims Take Young Christian Girl And Smash Her Against Rocks

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Pakistan took a young Christian girl and smashed her against some rocks, and she died right in front of her father, Akram Masih. Her and her father and mother, Parveen Bibi, were slaves to a Muslim brick kiln, and they were constantly beaten and cruelly abused by their slaver owners. The Christian girl was terribly ill and her parents begged their slave owners to loan them some money to pay for her treatment, but instead they murdered her before the father’s eyes. The daughter was very ill, and her brutal murder was recounted by her father who said:

They pushed her as well and she fell down on the nearby stones and she died on the spot. My daughter died in front of my eyes, they pushed my sick daughter, which led her to her death and I was helpless and was unable…

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