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“Whilst fully supporting the Commissioner’s efforts to promote community cohesion, this ought not be at the expense of a truthful dialogue about the institution of Islam and the internal factors unique to that institution that promotes in its observant adherents, the mandatory obligation to expand the membership by conversion, underpinned by formally stated belief in their divine supremacy. I have been researching ISLAM for several years and must emphasise that discussing Islam does not equate to rendering opinion on its followers, Muslims.

Barak Obama has been heavily criticised for prohibiting use of the word “Islamic or Islamist or Muslim” as a descriptor linked to the terms ” “extremist, fundamentalist, terrorist, radical” or any similar expression, from any Federal Government publication, including training manuals of the CIA, FBI, Office of Homeland Security and many others. This political correctness has extended to his rhetoric and his statements that ISIL is “not ISLAMIC”, “distorts Islam” or “hijacks Islam”, are plainly false and run counter to even cursory examination of Islamic texts, history & the media statements of its clerics ( see ).

Currently, at every level of government in Western nations, political correctness in the form of factual inaccuracy, is the norm and appears to represent a policy of appeasement of Muslim sensitivity to the accurate reporting of their religion’s core components. Fear of Muslim protest should not lead to official and media distortion or omission of the facts.
Describing Muslims as overwhelmingly peaceful is accurate but describing Islam as a “religion of peace” is factually totally false and fails to promote the need for Islam to undergo internal reform, a need endorsed by leaders of all other major religions. Islam currently prohibits modernisation or reform of its foundation texts, under threat of death. This fact makes it unique amongst religions. It also prohibits interpretation of clearly stated imperatives found in the scriptures. These barriers to reform act to maintain Islam’s focus on expansion, violent imperialism and belief in totalitarian political ideology.

Finally, Islamic texts formally sanction, if not promote, deception in service of Islam and render commentary by Islam’s defenders, deliberately highly inaccurate and unreliable. To understand this and all matters Islamic, personal study and research is absolutely essential. A good starting point can be found at…
….and the WikiIslam site has a great deal of information within it. I also recommend as a useful resource.

Please do not dismiss my comments. Read the resources I’ve listed and draw your own conclusions. I trust your good sense and experience to determine the necessary balance but I want your decisions to always remain evidence based.”


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