A female Muslim student at The American University of Iraq, has been posting Islamic, Pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic propaganda photos and posters on Facebook. Unable to comment due to not being a “friend”, I private messaged her with a post deliberately designed to utilise Muslim scripture and dogma to call into question her slavish parroting of long used falsehoods to justify Palestinian actions:

“You are posting historical lies and distorting your religion. You know full well that the Qur’an mandates removal of the Kuffar from the entire world and especially the Jews. That there are Jews in Arab lands is a great humiliation to Islam and is something Muhammad would never have tolerated. HAMAS lives true to Allah and his prophet, Muhammad and HAMAS says it must destroy Israel. If it could do so easily it would have killed every man, woman and child and would have claimed the land as booty, as Islam says it can. As a Muslim, you are also aware that final days cannot arrive until everyone on Earth follows Allah & Muhammad & Sharia Law replaces all governments. Only then can Muslims be truly rewarded in paradise. Yes, you are permitted to deceive the infidel in the service of Islam but why not state Islam’s grand vision and let the infidels know their fate. If Allah wishes you to prevail, you will……..but not until hundreds of millions of non-adherent Muslim “Hypocrites” and apostates face the choice of being faithful or dying by the sword. Are you so sure that your behaviour and faith will save you from having your head sawn off with a blade blunted by millions of murders? The fact is that Palestinians are not all adherent and many are living sinfully. HAMAS cannot even return them to adherence. The actions of Palestinians from Hajj Amin El Husseini, who insulted and offended Islam by collaborating with the Nazi murderers who were never going to convert to Islam, to his protege Arafat who helped himself to the Zakat of surrounding Muslim nations, to Abbas , who has become a billionaire the same way…..a thief whose hand should be cut off! You are wrong to support these feral, apostates and hypocrites and all Muslims who support them will have to answer for it one day. If Islam desires total victory, declare war with honesty, not like cowards hiding in their mothers’ robes.”

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