An article in Medscape today laments the psychological trauma inflicted on Gaza’s children and the likely high rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that will emerge. Scant mention is made of the psychological impact of the conflict on Israeli children and one commenter blatantly blames Israel entirely for the problem, stating that Israel shouldn’t be in the region at all. I had to comment:

“The psychological impact of Islamic supremacist and imperialist ideology on children remains off limits in the Muslim world and the contribution of institutionalised teaching of vicious Jew-Hatred is unknown but likely highly significant. That 2yr old Palestinian children are regularly and proudly featured on TV parroting such beliefs as “Jews are the spawn of apes and pigs”, strongly suggests the presence of the same sort of disregard for their childrens’ mental health as there is for their physical health and safety. Doctors who care about children must inform and educate themselves about the history of the conflict, the multiple opportunities for peace squandered by the Palestinians, the persistence of impossible demands by the Palestinians as conditions for peace and the refusal to recognise Israel mandated by Islamic core Jew Hatred and Jihaddism. Israel will not be defeated by Islam regardless of how many of its children it is prepared to sacrifice, and the Palestinians’ oil-rich fellow Arabs in surrounding nations have demonstrated no inclination to assist them or to integrate even a small number into their vast countries.

Jews want Israel left alone to live in peace within its tiny sliver of greater Arabia and until those Arabs who fell sucker to Hajj Amin El Husseini’s protege, Yasser Arafat’s fabricated invention of a unique Palestinian ethnicity and his false narrative of millennial occupation of the region, withdraw their support for fundamentalist rule, their children and future generations of children, will pay the highest price, the degradation of their health and well being.”


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  1. Children deserve degradation of health because of which party their parents voted for? How very democratic of you.

    • I never said that children deserve degradation of their health for any reason! They do not! Therefore when Palestinians are faced with the choice of Hamas and Hamas, in the wake of Fatah being chased out of Gaza and those opposing Hamas were being persecuted, it was pretty clear that a radical, gazetted terrorist organisation was going to rule Gaza. Most people would be terrified of such a government but Hamas gets 85% support in Gaza. What happens to the other 15% and their kids? Are they allowed to leave areas marked for retaliation? No, Hamas fires its rockets from homes, hospitals and Mosques, just as previous terrorist groups did. The Gazans are indoctrinated with constant assurances that Allah will destroy Israel and the Jews and so they keep risking their kids in the vain hope that this time Islam will triumph! Until the Palestinian citizenry give up on destroying Israel and ridding the world of Jews, as Muhammad mandated, they will continue with their futile attacks on Israel…….risking their kids and degrading their health. Do you understand that Israel faces a dead set threat to its existence and that several Palestinian politicians have plainly stated that if they could nuke Israel, they would have already done so. How would you deal with that threat?

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