The Guardian railed against any media organisations supporting Israel today, calling them “Biased”!! What a cheek! Pot calling the kettle black. The reporter posed three ridiculous questions for Netanyahu and I just had to leave my comment as follows:

“01 August 2014 1:04pm

1. GAZA isn’t occupied so scratch one of your questions.

2. Israel accepted the Partition Plan, recognising the 2 States, the Arabs didn’t……scratch a second question.

3. After the 1967 War, Israel offered to return all captured land in return for peace….Arafat refused……he wanted all of Israel, not Gaza and the West Bank.

4. Hatred begets hatred……..whatever banner Netanyahu stood under in 1990 isn’t the same as a national leader operating under a Charter calling for Israel’s destruction and death to Jews………scratch your last question.

The Guardian’s deliberate omission of historical fact is disgraceful. Tell your readers that Yasser Arafat was the protege of Hajj Amin El Husseini, the Honourary SS General and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, responsible as one of the architects of the Final Solution and commander of the Muslim Battalions who exterminated 400,000 Serbs and Jews in the most barbaric fashion. An indicted war criminal wanted at Nuremberg, the Mufti fled to Cairo, where he and Arafat concocted the Palestinians……never before an ethnic group.

And who was Arafat’s protege? Tell the people Guardian! It was Abbas…….leader of the Palestinian Authority. Abbas completed a pHD in Moscow. His thesis claimed that the Holocaust never happened!

So we have a direct link between a Nazi War Criminal, never tried, and the newly fabricated Palestinians, who were Jordanians initially. Tell your readers that from 1948-1967, no Palestinians were to be found demanding Gaza or the West Bank. Jordan’s King Hussein, a Hashemite, not an Arab, was killing Palestinians in their thousands in an attempt to prevent them toppling the monarchy. The world said nothing when he massacred 25,000. Jordan never offered the “Palestinians” one inch of his territory.
Tell your readers that the Arab League admitted that the “Palestinians” were a fabricated group for the purposes of creating a believable underdog that would attract bleeding heart westerners’ sympathies.

Finally, explain Islamic Jihaddist philosophy to your readers and the fact that it MANDATES GENOCIDE of all non-Muslims. Tell your readers about the horrific fate of Christians, Shias and opposing Sunnis in the Islamic State. If you don’t tell the truth, I recommend that you send your editors and proprieters on a fact finding mission to the Islamic State as soon as possible. Try filing some reports from a “pure” Islamic Caliphate!”

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