Australian journalists and media outlets are emulating our Chamberlainesque politicians by a policy of constant appeasement of Muslim oversensitivity. Taking the “victim role” is a strategy promoted by various Imams, who use taking offence as an excuse to respond with violent, destabilising protest, often with appalling mortality rates and senseless property damage. That Muhammad’s behaviour would today fulfil official criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder is indisputable. His consummation of marriage with a nine year old girl was not uncommon in that era, when such pairings served mainly tribal political ends, children were considered chattels & knowledge of the harms of sexual abuse of children was absent.

As for the knee-jerk sacking of Mr Smith, gutless media elites are playing into the hands of Muslim strategists, who have advised their followers in several leaked translations of sermons, Jihad training manuals and organisational manifestos, to protest loudly, immediately and persistently at any possible criticism of Islam with the goal being the censure or removal of the responsible “enemy of Islam”. This vicious strategy is remarkably effective as seen recently when a renowned American Professor of Islamic Studies ( but a Christian) was banned from entering the U.K. for a speaking engagement because British Muslims objected stridently against his visit, falsely insisting he is a racist. Fearing trouble, the British Home Secretary proceeded with the ban despite a flood of academic protest from all over the Western World. When I challenged her by letter, she replied that the U.K. would continue to decide who could or couldn’t enter the U.K. regardless of any outside opinions and would not discuss the reasons for its decisions with third parties. The fact that members of declared terrorist organisations regularly enter the U.K. at will to meet with British Muslims, was of no relevance to her decision.

Meanwhile, Obama’s most trusted advisor on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, a Muslim Brotherhood connected Muslim, tweeted 2days ago that “an Islamic Caliphate is inevitable and the only choice for America will be to support it or not”! Incredibly, he elaborated on his vision of a Caliphate, likening it to an Islamic version of the E.U.

The writing is on the wall and we refuse to heed its words at our peril. If you think the above is scaremongering, I suggest perusal of Sir Winston Churchill’s warning re Islam from a book he wrote in 1899. His astute assessment stands today as increasingly prophetic.


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