More stories of power, greed & corruption in Australian politics. Big Yawn and another expose by Four Corners! Let’s face it – Power Corrupts – always has, always will. All sides are equally liable. There is no clean party politics at the National level anywhere in the world. Commissions, Inquiries, ICACs etc. give the illusion of corruption being policed but every one of these measures is devised by the perpetrators and their lawyer mates. The Unions & Big Business are equally corrupt, dishonest and psychopathic. They differ only in their modus operandi. Labor now as infested with lawyers as the LNP. The only difference is that LNP has the Tax & Finance lawyers and know how to manage the books but forget about people, while Labor has the Human Rights & Environmental lawyers and know how to distribute money to causes but not how to run a Milk Bar!!!!


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