This morning’s session of the HFAC on Boku Haram and the kidnapping of over 250 Nigerian schoolgirls on the 14/07/2014, followed by further attacks, massacres and kidnappings, was a torrid affair, with more than one Lawmaker losing their temper with the smug State Department experts. Boku Haram have killed over 6000 people, predominantly Christians, in the last 10yrs and the Nigerian Government has been unable to defeat them. They are an extremist, Islamist Jihadist, terrorist organisation, whose leader clearly articulated the groups motivations and goals as overthrow of non-Islamic religions, Infidel political systems such as Western Democracy and all systems of Justice other than Sharia Law, as directed by Allah.

Please note in this Video, the repeated nauseating attempts by the senior State Department experts to avoid at all costs admitting that the kidnapping of these schoolgirls was motivated by hatred of Christians, despite the leader of B.H. explicitly stating this. Note also the denial of Islamic supremacist aspirations as prime motivation for B.H. Links with the Muslim Brotherhood and A.Q. This pattern of dishonest denial of Islamic Jihadist aspirations for re-establishment of a Worldwide Caliphate, as mandated by the Qur’an, has characterised the Obama administration and disqualified him, his administration and many of his supporters as credible contributors to the discussion.


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