Just as the sanctions against Iran really start to bite, the U.S. administration becomes delusional and suddenly accepts the word of a new Iranian President (who was a member of the previous administration), of a nation whose Ultimate Leader is not the President! It is Ayatollah Khameini and his panel of Imams that rule Iran. It beggars belief that Obama’s advisors don’t fully appreciate these facts and must have communicated their scepticism to him, so why loosen the sanctions when they are working? If that isn’t inexplicable enough, the concessions agreed to by Iran do NOT require them to cease enriching Uranium, nor will they have to dismantle a single centrifuge or the new reactor that is being built to weapons-enabling specifications!

Get it really clear my friends, there is NO NEED for Uranium enrichment in order to produce nuclear power for domestic consumption. So WHY does Iran insist on enriching Uranium? Duh!!! Homer Simpson could work that question out!! Iran will now have the ability to restart the push for a nuclear weapon when they decide to do so and they will ensure that no Inspectors will ever find the location where the work is being done. Why won’t the rest of the world take their promise to destroy Israel seriously? Because it’s the Jews who are being threatened with destruction once again! The U.S. could not tolerate nuclear missiles on Cuba for a minute and brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in its brinkmanship with the Soviet Union. But tiny Israel, surrounded by 400,000,000 declared enemies, is expected to sit quietly while Iran plots and schemes to be the exalted state to rid the Middle East of the Jews, a goal they talk about constantly in their national media.

Today is a dark day for Israel, for Jewish people everywhere and for the non-Muslim World. Mark my words!


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