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Sophia Wallace and Kenneth Thomas present the world's first ever

cliteracy natural law no. 7

CLITERACY: 100 Natural Laws

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2013-09-16 17.24.54Although the bulk of the information you will read here was discovered in 1998, fifteen years ago, most readers, like me, will not have come across this most amazing revelation of the anatomy of the main sexual organ of one half of the human race. What I find so stunningly appalling is that thanks to the fact that the male sexual organ is external to the body, its major anatomical features have been known for around 150000 years or more…… long as our species has walked this planet. Perhaps our earlier predecessors had a fair idea too but female sexual anatomy has remained elusive, taboo or of little interest to the male dominated field of human anatomy and Medicine until women asserted themselves in the 20th century and demanded that female health, anatomy and function be researched with equal funding and vigour as that for males. Check out the visual materials being used to spread this vital knowledge. I watched a documentary recently on the G-Spot that now appears to be totally wrong! There is a G-Spot of course but it’s not a “stand alone” mass of nerve endings but is a part of the clitoris that runs close to the anterior vaginal wall and is accessible at that point to stimulation! So it really is true that the clitoris is THE organ responsible for all female orgasm and is so large and so well positioned around and through the vulva that it provides many opportunities for a great variety of stimulatory methods that can produce orgasm.


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