Another day, another hopelessly biased anti-Israel op-ed in “Online Opinion”. Philip Giraldi, 19/08/2013, claims there is no evidence that Iran has aspirations to join the nuclear club or to annihilate Israel, both of which it has shouted out its clear intentions for many years.

After assuring the reader that there is nothing at all to fear from Iran, Giraldi spews forth several paragraphs of anti-Israel propaganda and calls for the fulfilment of his ultimate wish, the disarming of Israel. Yeah, Right!!! Below is my recently posted OnLine Opinion comment:

“The author seeks to protect Iran and further demonise Israel by distortions of reality that are breathtaking in their audacity. Israel is not alone in fearing Iranian nuclear aspirations and that nation’s historical record of Jew hatred and duplicitous behaviour. There are cogent reasons that U.S. led sanctions are tightening around Iran. Muslim clerics and even Palestinian Authority politicians have publicly stated that they expect Iran to mount a nuclear attack on Israel as soon as a bomb is available, with one saying, “if we had an atomic bomb we would have dropped it on Israel this morning”! The new Iranian President is as beholden to Ayatollah Khameni as his predecessor and to describe this dictatorship’s political process as anything other than a single party dictatorship is ridiculous. Iran has a huge investment of both money and prestige at stake after years of promising the Arab World that it alone has the balls to take on and destroy Israel and after decades of deriding successive Arab leaders for negotiating with the “spawn of pigs and apes” and the “great Satan”. The author clearly despises Israel and is an apologist for the bellicose tyranny that is Iran.”


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