An hour ago, a Facebook friend posted the comment below this post:

I do not know what prompted his comments but I understand the massive ball of frustration and anger that can build inside anyone exposed to the Injustice System. I felt the need to comment and so wrote this in reply:

“I don’t know what this is about but when it comes to the Injustice System, I’m all too familiar with its failings! The major problem is that it’s a vehicle for societal control, not THE pathway to a civil society as we’ve been led to believe. 85% of legislators nowadays are lawyers……they write our laws…..then lawyers are peppered throughout the Police executive level, especially amongst its civilian advisors but even the last commissioner was a lawyer! Lawyers are the sole arbiters of the Judicial branch and pass judgement on us with reference to the laws their colleagues drafted! The accused are represented by lawyers, prosecuted by lawyers, face juries chosen & instructed by lawyers, sentenced by lawyers and passed to a Corrections service that reports to lawyers! There you have it! Total societal control and institutionalised conflicts of interest at every level PLUS the illusion of separation of State & Judiciary PLUS legislated prosecutorial immunity that overlooks mistakes, corrupt practices and other forms of prosecutorial or judicial misconduct. An elite group of outwardly conservative people crafting the society that best serves their purposes via very clever manipulation of an 800yr old British system designed to protect the power & privilege of the aristocracy and to prevent the unwashed masses from ever having any means, bar violent revolution, to obtain the reins of power and dismantle the status quo! Not a conspiracy theory…..just a natural & predictable outcome of a system functioning exactly as it was designed to do! What do u think?”

Whilst writing this post, my friend replied, “hit the nail on the head, jerry”

It’s something that troubles me more and more each day, as I see the warped priorities of the Injustice System damage and hurt ordinary citizens and protect the rich and privileged. I was incredulous to discover that Police are only interested in investigating two types of fraud, the poor, elderly pensioner cruelly ripped off by scammers and the corporations swindled out of millions by criminals with an insider connection. Both groups attract positive media when solved. Left hanging out in the cold is everyone else in the middle who has been defrauded. No Police interest is forthcoming to that group, the most frequent victims of fraud & white collar crime, unless the victim is able to afford to prepare an open and shut case, wrapped up in a bow, ready to prosecute! For instance, the Queensland Fraud Squad selects cases it will investigate based only on victims’ written submissions and sees its role in such precious terms that a return phonecall or email takes 6weeks to be received. And if you are rejected, crimes simply go uninvestigated and unresolved.



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