Another flood of articles and op-eds hit the world today, whilst Hamas continues to condemn any move towards peace with the Jewish State. To one of these articles, I commented as follows:

“Such nonsense! To read an article and comments so blinded by decades of Islamist propaganda at a time in history when the true nature of Jihadist imperialism is being exposed for all to see. Throughout the Middle-East, senior Muslim Clerics are delivering sermons and appearing on TV, telling their followers that Israel must be destroyed, that Jews must be exterminated as mandated by Islam and that It would not matter where in the world Israel was located, it would still be the duty of every Muslim to hunt down the Jews “behind every rock and tree and kill them” ….to quote the Qur’an! One Imam stated that Muslims should cease opposing Israel, stating that its existence conveniently concentrates a large number of Jews in one place, where their extermination will be that much easier. How you do-gooders believe that it is possible for Israel to negotiate peace with Islam, is mind-boggling. Arab leaders use the fundamental strategy of Teqqiya, sanctioned lying in the service of Islam, when they tell Western leaders they want peace and the next day tell their people, in Arabic, that Jihad is the command of Allah and his Messenger. Wake up Mr Singer! The stealth Jihad is well underway in Europe, America and here in Australia. That’s why the Arabs reject peace with Israel on any terms other than if Israel submitted to Dhimmitude status and then only as a prelude to annihilation of the Jews. Listen to their own words and stop fantasising!!”

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