NSW goes soft on Alcohol Regulation………again!

My comment to the Minister concerned, Mr Andrew Stoner:

“Dear Minister,

As a psychiatrist with 29yrs experience, it depresses and angers me to see that today’s politicians are as cowardly, ignorant and beholden to the alcohol cartels as your predecessors, although with far more evidence of the death and damage caused by alcohol now available, folding to the alcohol industry’s generosity and lying to protect “self-regulation” of advertising and promotional standards, will blight your legacy for generations to come. Young men and women will die because of your government’s self-interested caving in to an industry responsible for hundreds of thousands of Australian deaths & injuries. International evidence is unequivocal, decreased access to alcohol by decreased advertising, restricted hours of availability, higher pricing and many more simple measures, are as effective as similar anti-smoking measures have been. You and the industry can deny it to the electorate and to yourselves but not to professionals at the coalface. When the next shocking alcohol related public tragedy occurs in NSW, I’ll distribute this letter to every media outlet in your State and to all your political rivals. Your casual indifference to the death and crippling of our children will come back to haunt you.

Yours Sincerely,

Consultant Psychiatrist”


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