Halal Food and Halal Certification – Extortion in Disguise

What does halal mean?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted, the opposite being “haram”, which means unlawful or not permitted. Under Islamic Sharia law, a Muslim is not permitted to engage in any activity that is considered haram by religious doctrine, including eating certain foods.

How does halal work in relation to food?

Halal is about religious ritual and observance in relation to meat products. It has nothing to do with the quality of the meat, its fat content or hygiene. The rumour that halal means “better”or “purer” meat in Australia is a falsehood propagated by some Islamic lobby groups to distract from the purely religious/ritual doctrine involved. To be halal, the animal must have its throat slit whilst still alive and conscious (not stunned) to ensure it ‘properly’ bleeds to death. Furthermore, only a Muslim slaughterman may slit the throat of the animal and he must do so whilst facing Mecca and reciting a short prayer: “Bismillah, Allahu Akbar” meaning “In the Name of Allah the Greatest”. Thus, the animal is actually being ritually sacrificed to the Islamic god. Pork, which is believed to be impure in Islam, is strictly forbidden, along with a few other categories of meat like “land animals without external ears” and, as is observed by most cultures, strict carnivores.

Recently a number of Islamic organisations began offering advice on and accreditation of the fine details of these medieval slaughter practices. They also periodically arrange for Muslim slaughtermen and inspectors to certify that slaughter and production continues to meet the strict standards that allow food to be labelled halal. For this, fees are charged to the producer, and then passed on to the consumer as with any other operational expense. Many of the foods receiving Halal Certification do not actually require it, as there are many foods such as nuts, milk, legumes etc, that are always Halal. This fact is well recognised by moderate Muslims who have objected to the unethical practices of the modern day fabrication that is Halal Certification.

Why should you be concerned about halal certification and halal food?

Buying products that are Halal-certified means you are financially supporting the Islamisation of Australia, including the implementation of Sharia Law. More and more products in our shops are labelled ‘Halal-certified’ and the Halal-certification Industry has become a multi-million-dollar, fraudulent and extortionate income stream for Islamic groups in Australia and overseas. There are quite a few Islamic certification ‘authorities’, so the labels may look a little different, but all typically carry the Arabic word halal in the centre. These self-appointed “authorities” are not part of Islamic doctrine or tradition and have evolved solely to extract money and to further Islam. Halal certification has already spread from the foodstuffs themselves, to the trucks, ships, trains and planes comprising the logistic supply chain, each component of which requires separate certification, for a hefty fee. Recently, pet food has been offered Halal certification, an idiocy since animals in Islam are considered to lack free will and hence the ability to discern and choose to eat Halal food!

The halal certification fees extracted from companies (or rather from Australian consumers) fund the many activities and initiatives of Australian and overseas Islamic organisations. Most of them are concerned with what Muslims call da’wah, which is spreading Islamic sharia law into not yet Islamised countries of the world and strengthening the Islamic community there. Bringing Islam to the world (or at least contributing to the funding of this propagation) is a holy duty for Muslims.
Money collected from halal certification may also be passed to foreign Islamic religious and political groups. Some insiders claim such donations can be used to finance fundamentalist Islamic schools or fund the operational costs of Islamic terrorist organisations. In any event, these certification organisations are made up of clerics, activists and followers opposed to our Australian way of life, our freedom and democracy, the separation of church and state, gender equality and other core values and human rights of our free Western civilisation. Halal certification schemes are contributing towards the funding of Islamic jihad and we are all either ignorant participants or have succumbed to the extortion in company with much of corporate Australia.

Islamists may claim otherwise, but they are not speaking the truth: Muslims are guided and bound by the teachings and example of Mohammed as laid out in the Qur’an and Hadith. Islamic scripture permits Muslims to omit and conceal the truth, as long as such deception is directed towards non-Muslims and in the interests of advancing Islam. This practice is called “Taqiyya” or “Kitman”.

Christians and Jews should be particularly concerned with Halal slaughter because it involves sacrifice of animals to the idol, Allah. Although barely known, Allah is not the same God as the God of Christians and Jews and can be best described as an Arabic pagan idol that was reconfigured by Mohammad into his monotheistic deity. Jewish and Christian scriptures forbid the consumption of animals sacrificed to idols and thus Halal-certification of meat should be a serious issue for adherents of these religions.

The most alarming aspect of Halal certification is that we are not given any real choice to opt out of the process. Currently industry officials estimate that 2/3 of chicken and lamb meat and over 1/2 of the beef in Australian shops and supermarkets is already Halal certified, despite Muslims comprising less than 3% of the total population. An increasing number of fast food outlets and well-known franchises operate as ‘halal-certified’ or use unlabelled halal meat products. Since there are currently no mandatory labelling laws, unmarked Halal certified foods are being silently forced upon us. Islamic Sharia Law is therefore being imposed on the non-Muslim majority by stealth.

There are now over 100 halal abattoirs in Australia. Since halal slaughtermen must be Muslim, the Islamic community can use this requirement to circumvent the Australian immigration system. Some Muslims come to Australia as slaughtermen and spend minimal time in the job, thus establishing a perpetual demand for the additional import of Muslim slaughtermen. Additionally, as the provision of halal meat far exceeds that required for local Muslim demand and the Islamic export market, discrimination against non-Muslim employment has become endemic in abattoirs. Some abattoirs claim that it is simply a matter of convenience to make all meat Halal but this is precisely the mechanism of Islamisation in action. Sharia Law is imposed on everybody, becomes the new defacto standard and current standards and civil regulations become redundant.

Muslims’ only concern that Halal compliant food is available, should be confined to meat and meat by-products, as well as avoiding alcohol in food products. However, many products perfectly permissible for Muslim consumption are being sold as ‘Halal certified’. There is no plausible reason for this nonsense besides raising money for Islamic organisations, introducing Islamic rituals into our daily lives by stealth and softening up Australian society to accept the further imposition of medieval Islamic Sharia Law.

Finally, groups like Animals Australia and the RSPCA have serious objections to the cruelty that Halal slaughter inflicts upon animals.

What You Can Do:

1) Boycott Halal certified food. Lists of certified foods & their manufacturers are available online.

2) Ignore misleading campaigns by some food companies and Muslim organisations that claim that Halal food is a healthier option, or that it just relates to food preparation. Both strategies aim to convince non-Muslims that Halal food is just another dietary option like vegetarianism or that it is a regional style of food preparation.

3) Remember, this is not just about meat. Anything from cheese, crackers, yoghurt, sweets, salmon and cosmetics can come with a halal surcharge. Become pro-active by informing friends and family about the halal scam and how it plays a crucial role in the plan to Islamise Australia.

A final thought:

If Halal certification reminds you a little of the 2% tribute charged by the Mafia on garments, concrete and business turnover, don’t forget the historical connections involved. The Mafia originated in Sicily in the 1860’s. Muslim rule of Sicily spanned from 902AD until 1245AD and Muslim traditions and influence in Sicily can be seen to this day. The imposition of a tax or tribute on non-Muslim inhabitants of conquered lands was a well established practice, mandated by the Qur’an. It is not coincidental that this form of extortion figured so prominently in Mafia criminal modus operandi and that paying for “protection” remains so widespread even today.


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