The Video That Reminds Me Why I’m Sober – Reblogged

Powerful in its Truthfulness!

After Party Chat


My cousin has a video of me she took on her phone and keeps as a kind of blackmail or perhaps more of a safeguard. It is a fabulous account of me in all my drunken glory walking along the main street of my hometown after exiting a nightclub. When I say I am drunk, I mean that I am drunk drunk—I’m at that obnoxious point where I am singing and hassling strangers in my party dress and carrying my shoes in my hand. At one stage, I lay down in the middle of the street with my legs up in the air and my two much younger cousins, who are babysitting me, are in hysterics laughing and trying to get me up. There was a time when I would see this as hysterical as they did, but now I just see it as tragic.

I cringe when I think…

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