I was excited to receive a response to my letter re Krokodil and the failed policies of Prohibition from Jean-Paul Grund, Senior Research Associate @ CVO—Addiction Research Center, Utrecht. I was even more pleased to read that Prohibition appears to be slowlyy crumpling!

Dear Dr. Gelb,

Cannot agree with you more!

Is lack of compassion not a sign of another mental/brain desease – Anti social personality?

I just returned from the International Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius. You sound like someone who would fit well in this mixture of esteemed researchers, activists, providers and policy makers.

Best regards,

Jean-Paul Grund

I responded as follows:

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 2:19 AM, JEROME GELB wrote:

Dear Jean-Paul,

Thank you for responding. We have had in Australia, what I suspect is commonplace elsewhere, namely a progressive takeover of government by lawyers………now 85% of Parliamentarians!!

This ensures the breakdown by stealth of the separation of powers so essential for a healthy democracy & entrenches conservative, punitive Prohibitionist policies on a range of matters once considered “personal ” or “private” choices”.

It appears to be exactly as you suggest, the psychopaths have taken control!! The primary features all fit: disregard for the needs or rights of others & the inability for empathy!! Add shallow, fatuous, cold & the ability to mimic emotion for personal gain and Voila! Perfect lawyer/politician. All the lawyers I went to school with or knew at university used recreational drugs and/or alcohol & plenty still do. Who knows what goes on in politicians’ private lives??? Hypocrisy of breathtaking dimensions has been revealed by people like Julian Assange but casting an eye over the history of alcohol prohibition in the U.S. 1919-1932, shows that the Mafia made a profit of US$2 Billion (the dollar then was backed by gold and paper money could be converted to bullion. If you had done so, that 2 Billion would be worth $70million for each million $ at today’s gold price!!)
That money found its way to the pockets of politicians from Presidents to local councillors and to the Judiciary, Cops & Juries and it flowed for nearly 75yrs, buying favours, freedom & protection for vicious killers & thugs who preyed on the public & introduced all the illicits using the identical business model.

Will we ever learn from history? Einstein doubted we ever would!

And who am I to argue with Einstein!

Kind Regards,

Jerry Gelb

Finally I received this!

Dear Jerry,

Its a sad world we are living in. But, we are fighting back and the gathering in Vilnius that I just came from is a good crowd and an example that we can make a difference. Although the pendulum seems to be swinging in different directions at once (QM? ;), overall the system of prohibition is slowly crumbling. Check out some of the presentations on international drug policy that will be uploaded to the website of the conference/HRI (

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Have a nice day,


Jean-Paul Grund, PhD
CVO – Addiction Research Center, Utrecht
Department of Addictology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Prague

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