Overseas, the synthetic opioid “Krokodil” has been banned……in which country, I can’t recall but there are so many new compounds being rushed onto the street that a new one is out in the time it takes to spell “prohibition”!! Our legislators and policymakers will one day hang their heads in shame for shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, instead of leading the charge to drug policy reform! The article quoted another out of touch, cold-hearted clone, towing the company (government) line. They stick to it until addiction knocks on their door or the doors of their kids…….Then they suddenly see the light as they pull all possible strings to keep their family members out of jail……..pathetic really!!

“Dear Sir,

Another synthetic compound, made in filthy conditions where each batch contains anyone’s guess of combinations of toxic chemicals and social & medical harms rapidly appear & ravage the lives of young users.

And the typical response of governments, law enforcement & so-called drug policy experts?
More useless, dangerous, criminalising and irrational prohibition!! Why can’t the truth be told? That prohibition has a long historical record of failure, as predicted by all we know of human psychology. What I find remarkable is that prohibition proponents are able to continue to dismiss experts with a wave of the hand or as the Premier of our State wrote to me in response to my call for a supervised injecting facility similar to the over 650 existing world facilities, that whilst he is in power, we “will never, ever” have such a facility and that the death of heroin addicts is not as serious as “sending the wrong message to our youth”.

With ethics like that & lacking compassion commensurate with our current understanding of addiction as a disease of brain dopaminergic reward systems, it’s no wonder progress has been at a snail’s pace. Scientists, medicos, psychologists and all professionals educated about the drug problem at the coalface, must unite and demand an end to the war on drugs and begin the determined introduction of decriminalisation, rehabilitation, education & regulation as the four pillars of future drug policy in as many countries with the courage to bite the bullet and dismantle the status quo.

If this overview is rejected, it can be guaranteed that all other drug-control strategies will fail as prohibition continues to funnel huge profits to the variety of criminals involved – traditional, corporate and governmental.”

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Jerome Gelb


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