Terrorist who killed 38 Israelis appointed PA adviser

Hussein Fayyad, one of the commanders of the terror group that carried out the 1978 Coastal Road massacre, revealed on Tuesday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had appointed him as one of his advisers.

The attack, which led to the killing of 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, was planned and carried out by Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Fayyad, who was released in a prisoner swap with Israel in 1985, said that Abbas signed a decree in 2008 promoting him to the position of “advisor” to the PA president.

However, Fayyad – who is not related to PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad – complained that the PA leadership has not done anything to ensure that he get the job.

He also accused the PA of abandoning him and failing to meet its promises to support him financially.

Fayyad, who is currently living in Algiers, has been on hunger strike over the past week to protest against the PA’s failure to help him.

“I tried to phone many PLO leaders, but they don’t answer my calls,” Fayyad told Palestinian journalists.

“I also sent letters to several Palestinian ministries, but haven’t received any replies.”

Fayyad complained that the PA embassy in Algiers was also refusing to help him and that he was kicked out from the embassy by force.

Abbas Zaki, member of the PLO executive committee, phoned Fayyad on Tuesday and urged him to stop his hunger strike.

Zaki praised Fayyad as a “fighter for the Palestinian revolution” and promised to raise his case with Abbas.

Israel cannot negotiate with people who hunger to exterminate them, who believe that Jews stand between them and a glorious afterlife and who proclaim that Jews are the spawn of Pigs and Apes!! That’s what the Qur’an says…….not radical Muslims, not extremists…..that’s what Mohammed commanded and claimed Allah had told him directly. Check it out for yourselves if you think I’m exaggerating. If you haven’t sought out the translated scriptures of Islam, then don’t dare dismiss what I’m saying until you have. Remember, as British Muslim leaders have maintained for over a week…….they have blamed British foreign policy for the actions of these two killers and Prime Minister David Cameron said in front of 10 Downing Street, “This has got nothing whatsoever to do with Islam”! Is he crazy???

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