Please read the following article and then my comment.

“This article, seen in The Age recently, is written by an egocentric narcissist to be sure but although both those traits are universal in psychopaths, they do not in and of themselves allow the diagnosis. One of the behaviours least likely to be seen in a psychopath (and as a Forensic Psychiatrist I have seen more than my fair share) is a public statement revealing themselves!!! – at least not until forced to do so by the justice system, upon which they crave recognition & the spotlight and often embellish the accounts of their misdeeds in an effort to claim infamy. Once outed like this, a genuine psychopath attempting to live peacefully and continue sucking dry all humans they deem useful, would be horrified and would move on, even interstate or overseas, so that the truth of their malign intent would never have to be directly faced. Whoever this “well known academic” is, readers should be advised to have nothing whatsoever to do with her, lest her fantasy of being a psychopath is played out at your expense.”

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