“The missing represent a confounding issue for civil society and have attracted very little research, possibly because the target group don’t want to be found & when they return, don’t wish to relive it all talking to researchers. Despite 95% of the missing returning within a month and 98% within 12 months, every year in Australia, approximately 1500 people remain unaccounted for. Over time, some are found but many are not. What do we know of this group? Nothing! Are they safe? Have they been murdered, trafficked as sex slaves, abducted – we just don’t know. In the U.S., 40,000 Jane & John Doe corpses are in storage across the nation, pending identification. Recently, funding has been increased in an attempt to identify the most recent 4000 bodies. Clearly, a small proportion of the missing end up as unidentified corpses but the fact that some do, calls for a greater effort to be made to understand the whole phenomenon of missing persons to a far greater extent than currently.” Comment by Dr Jerome Gelb



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