An interesting article in today’s issue of “The Conversation”

Hauntings, ESP and mystical visions: counselling after paranormal experiences:

My Comment:

“Well written article on an area rarely covered in training. Your key message, listening to patients & understanding the significance and context of symptoms and experiences, is crucial and overly dogmatic therapist rebuttal or debate has no place in the therapeutic interaction. Exploration of patients’ beliefs around a particular experience will usually reveal the contextual paradigm in use as well as its value for the individual. Without affirming the existence of external agency in paranormal or psychic experiences, which I do not believe is supported by any scientific evidence to date, a therapist can explore the meaning of such experiences to the individual, provide alternative, evidence based explanations or utilise the experiences by attributing benign, therapeutic meaning to them. Too rapid dismissal or insistence that patients’ beliefs are wrong, wastes potentially valuable therapeutic opportunities and risks the therapeutic alliance.”


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