Conservatives calling for online porn bans!
My comment at the article’s site:

Pornography turning attention to women's long-standing complaints.

Pornography turning attention to women’s long-standing complaints.

About the only Porn genre making any money nowadays is non-violent, “romantic” or “passion” porn, marketed to women & couples in many mainstream publications and media. Such producers as X-Art, Passion and Hegre-Art are representative of producers finally listening to decades of female complaints that though interested in participating and enjoying porn with their partners, the material available was far too Testosterone driven. The new direction is attracting a new female audience, encouraging sharing of the experience and generally positively contributing to consumers’ sexual repertoire and pleasure. The massive quantity of free, old-style porn means that it will take some time to be replaced by the new-porn. The proof is in the eating, so to speak, with numerous reports of men engaging in viewing porn with their partner as an appetiser, seconds or dessert in the sexual banquet. New recipes abound and can rejuvenate a stale palate. Even porn can evolve. Supporting this evolution is eminently sensible and far more likely to effect change than prohibition. (I’m a Psychiatrist, not a porn producer!)”


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