Please read what Jewish student leader Asher Mayerson thinks about the solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. He has been conned! So has most of the non-Muslim world. Why? Because no-one listens to what Muslim clerics & political leaders have been saying for 1400yrs!!!

I wrote this comment & I hope Asher Mayerson does his research & writes to me! We must correct everyone’s disastrous misperceptions!

“Mr Mayerson, are you joking? The overwhelming majority of Palestinian leaders & clergy DO NOT WANT PEACE! Listen to what they tell their people each week from the pulpit & on the news! Abbas recently spoke of the Haddith command to all Muslims to rid the world of every last Jew on the Planet! A senior cleric stated that Regardless of occupation, Jews must be destroyed & Israel must be destroyed. Even if there were no Jews in the Middle-East, all must be destroyed. Why? Because there can be no Messianic age in Islam whilst a single Jew remains on Earth. There is no such thing as ” moderate ” Islam. The religion DEMANDS. that adherents aspire to these fundamental goals. Even Muslims are leaving Islam & warning that the Arab/Israel conflict is a religious battle to the death! You sir are wrong. Look up Wafa Sultan’s speeches, look up the interviews with a Hamas leader’s son who has converted to Christianity. His father has put a Fatwa on him! Stop being politically correct & listen to the Palestinians’ own words. And check out Pat Condell on You Tube! Then write to me please!”
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