In response to an article on today’s “The Conversation” website re Stephen Hawking’s cancellation of an academic engagement in Israel as his contribution to calls for a boycott on Israel for its failure to meet Palestinian demands, I wrote this comment:

“The real issue, lost on most Middle-East watchers, is the steady radicalisation of Muslims, including Palestinians. When Muslims like the son of one of Hamas’ founders, Mosab Hassan Yousef, turns on his father, converts to Christianity, immediately attracts a Fatwah but still travels the world warning that the Palestinians & all adherents to Quranic scripture, do not want peace at all, we must stop & listen. Listen to Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, a Muslim recently converted to Christianity, who has been advising the U.S. Office of Homeland Security that the Palestinian leadership want nothing less than the extermination of the Jews. Abbas says so in his own Arabic speeches.

Western appeasers are ignorant of Islamic aspirations, even when articulated by dozens of leading clerics and political leaders. Hawkins has fallen for Palestinian rhetoric. The Palestinians have rejected numerous offers that came within a few percent of their demands. The Palestinian people are pawns in a much more serious battle. Open your ears & listen to the translated speeches & secret manifestos of Islam’s highest authorities, who write of the need to fool the West and conquer Western civilisation from within, whilst pretending to be “moderate”.

There is no such thing as Moderate Islam. The term is offensive if used in Islamic nations. There is only one Islam, the Islam of Mohammed. Read his biography, overcome your shameful ignorance & find out that Mohammed’s 1400 year old edicts still command ALL adherents to kill all apostates, infidels & to wipe out every last Jew on this planet. That’s what Stephen Hawking is supporting. If more proof is needed, watch “The Third Jihad”, a documentary by Muslim Dr Zuhdi Jasser, former physician to the U.S. Congress.

“The Third Jihad”



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