I’m getting pissed off by the weakness of doctors in opposing these organisations:

I commented tonight:

Anti-Vaccine activists are cranks of the worst kind. They use fear & cult like conspiracy theories to further their crazy aims. Undervaccination puts children too young to be immunised at great risk of death by preventable disease. The anti-vaccinators use false info to further their cause. They cannot prove any of their assertions re vaccines being unsafe. As soon as vaccination rates fall, epidemics follow & deaths are concentrated in non-immunised infants. Non-qualified nutjobs calling themselves “natural chemists” & similar bullshit names, claim that there is no such thing as herd immunity. They simply do not know what they are talking about! Most are too young to have seen wards full of diphtheria, measles, or polio victims in iron lungs! I have! The vaccine possible diseases killed millions of people….Smallpox, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Chicken Pox Encephalitis etc etc. Ignore these charlatans & vaccinate your kids. Severe side effects are as rare as being hit by lightning. As for the obsessed anti-vaccinators? They should be criminally prosecuted for their lies resulting in sickness & death for our most vulnerable citizens.

I got encouragement from my father-in-law, who knows the difference between lies & the truth & That prompted me to post more!

I wrote:

“When similar talk gripped Japan several years ago, falling vaccination rates led to epidemics of measles involving thousands of cases. When vaccine rates rose again, the disease once again became rarely seen. The anti-vaccine mob believed Wakefield’s greed driven lies about Vaccines & Autism….he has been deregistered for his lies……lies for which he was paid! Forget political correctness & stop debating these idiots! Give them no more publicity! No more time on A Current Affair, no more time on radio or in the papers! Doctors, Scientists, Politicians & Parents need to tell the anti-western medical brigade to FUCK OFF!

Let me make it easy for everyone. Natural Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Reflexology & lots of other “alternatives” have been around for up to 5000yrs (Chinese) & in all that time, HOW MANY YEARS OF LIFE EXPECTANCY WERE ADDED TO HUMAN BEINGS LIVES? The Answer? FUCKING ZERO, ZIP, NONE!!

Life Expectancy after 5000Yrs of Chinese Medicine was 40yrs of age in 1900 in the West & even LESS in China!! SO WHY DID LIFE EXPECTANCY INCREASE FROM 40yrs to over 80yrs today!???

The answer is WESTERN MEDICINE!!! GET IT CRYSTAL BELIEVERS & POTION PEOPLE? Before the rise of modern medicine people had been dying of the same scourges as they had for over 100,000yrs!

I for one am sick & tired of Western Medicine being given such a pounding by New Age crackpots! When they get seriously ill from any one of thousands of known diseases, let them seek help only from the alternative practitioners & put their lives where their mouths have been! Watch how quickly the tune will change then!

Why am I angry? Because I’ve watched parents at a Melbourne hospital where I was working, deny their son chemo for leukaemia & I watched that kid slowly die an unnecessary death! And I was just a lowly intern….and I hated those parents for insisting that they knew better! I’ve seen this scenario 4-5 times over 32 yrs as a doctor…..what would you think by then?”


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