Lots of recent articles, recycling the so called debate re vaccination, quackery and pseudoscience!

I made this comment to Paul Smiths article in Medical Observer, 23rd April 2013:

“Why are too many doctors so reluctant to raise their voices and stridently call a spade a spade? I fear that an entire generation is growing up with political correctness hard-wired into their brains by constant repetition of that mantra throughout their childhood & adolescence. Anti-Vaccination activists are ignorant, conspiracy theorists who commonly hold multiple unfounded beliefs & who have a broad mistrust of science, bordering on paranoia. They easily find sectors of the community who are unschooled in being able to differentiate between science and pseudoscience. Even Paul Smith makes assumptions about Richard Dawkins & the Big Bang Theory without finding out about the close friendship between Dawkins, Isaac Asimov & Carl Sagan & the numerous & extensive discussions these men have shared. Rather than make assumptions, write to Dawkins & ask him on what basis does he accept his various beliefs. In my experience, he is careful not to be dogmatic where it is unsafe for him to do so. Not so the anti-vaxers, many of whom I met on the Sunshine Coast when I lived there from 1996-2006. They quoted anecdotes & rumours, railed against scientists as all being in the pocket of Big Pharma & considered Western Medicine generally as a fraud. When a friend with a totally unvaccinated 12yr old brought him around newborns, I explained the danger & was poo-poo’d by a roomful of vegan, yoga loving, Neo-Buddhist, Anglo-aussies who believed far more earnestly in crystals & craniosacral readjustment as the path to good health! I left that Sunday coffee & cake afternoon simply shaking my head in disbelief & vowing not to subject myself to such stupidity again! And I told them that their ignorant & false beliefs may well lead to the death of innocent infants! Wasn’t I popular…….not!!


3 Responses to “THE ANTI BRIGADE!”

  1. It’s the ill informed delusional parents that shouldn’t have a choice but to immunise. If a person is deliberately infected with “aids” for example, it’s a serious offense..likewise a child can inadvertently infect another human and these ‘delusional parent’ should be made accountable in a court of law.

  2. Being popular is my forte when I can’t tolerate ignorance and false beliefs and often speak out loud, to totally shame the offender/s…. being popular with the listeners is rarely my concern, making them look within and opening their arrogant minds, if even for a second is satisfaction plus. More often than not, knowing I will never want, nor want to share their company again for whatever reason. I can’t force my beliefs on others, if my opinion counts and I can make a valid, informed argument I will always….wtg for speaking out…leaving and shaking yr head in disbelief on such an important issue was totally necessary! I wish it was an enforced law to immunize children at any cost. Being a mother who has children who suffered with illnesses from childbirth that took years of nurturing and required constant medical attention until they were well, cannot understand why a parent would deliberately put their own child and innocent children at risk of diseases that have taken medical experts countless years to keep society safe.

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