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Rehabilitation is not offered in most Australian prisons and it is a matter of luck if an inmate is allocated to a facility with programs other than supplying slave labour at a couple of dollars per day. Even when there are programs, prisoners cannot access them until a set time period has elapsed and they are downgraded from the mandatory high level of security on admission, to a lower classification. This can take many months. This poor woman should have been defended as a case of battered wife syndrome & NOT incarcerated at all. Many women have avoided jail in circumstances involving substantial premeditation, unlike this case. The injustice system has failed her miserably all her life, beginning in her childhood. Of course, jail is better than life on the mean streets but where are the rehabilitation facilities that she really needs? They don’t exist or are in woefully short supply. There are very few votes in rehabilitating offenders. Our politicians, most of whom are lawyers, create the law, prosecute offenders, sentence them, incarcerate them & release them back into our midst with a shockingly poor parole system & barely any real help. Then the same lawyers, prosecutors, judges and politicians wonder why recidivism rates are so high! It’s a revolving door system & the legal profession collect the rent.


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