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Government needs honesty on Shariah

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By Joseph Wakim
Posted Monday, 15 April 2013

It appears that Shariah law has become politically acceptable if it is dressed in a white collar and a business suit.

While Prime Minister Julia Gillard is wooing Chinese investors abroad, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan will be wooing Islamic investors back home.

I was outraged by the attempt to separate the civil & criminal components of Shariah Law and took the author to task:

The Australian Government may wish to court Muslim investment but the only Law under which businesses registered & operating here should be required to abide by is Australian Law. Shariah Law or any other foreign codified system of law must not be elevated in status above any of the dozens of other legal frameworks that accompany immigrants to this country. Shariah Law in particular is ruthlessly imposed on several unwilling populations & has an horrific, bloody history commensurate with the anachronistic attitudes of its adherents. Given the imperialist beliefs to which Jihad is logically connected, the introduction of any component of Shariah Law must be assertively opposed & its inherent cruelty, bigotry & exclusionary practices, rejected. Muslims can observe their religion & do business here under the umbrella of Australian Law, just like the rest of us.

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  1. Harold Zwier Says:

    But in the Jewish community there is Beth Din that can hear civil matters, provided both sides agree to the process. Why would we find similar institutions in the Islamic community a problem?

    Disclosure: I have written several articles together with Joe Wakim over many years.

    • Muslims enjoy similar freedoms to Jews in Australia in respect of the use of a group of respected & pious religious scholars to advise, counsel, clarify & interpret issues at the interface of religious law & secular law. The boundaries are clearly stipulated in Australia. Secular law has primacy, with religious law restricted to certain specified circumstances. Eg. Births, Deaths & Marriages, Certification of compliance with religious regulations surrounding food, money, congregational roles & responsibilities etc.

      Opponents of Sharia Law are objecting to the trend in certain overseas, predominantly Christian nations, of allowing Muslim religious courts/legal advisors, to act as legitimate substitutes for representatives of the mainstream Justice System.

      Given the widespread ignorance in the community of non-Christian religious practices, it’s no surprise that racist suspicion is endemic. Radical Muslims are waging the battle for dominance in many nations using the strategy of introduction of Sharia Law by stealth.

      The value of such a strategy is in the obtaining by fundamentalists of a direct route to the hearts & minds of non-radicalised Muslim youth, with a view to turn them into adherents of Jihadist ideology.

      Pat Condell (You Tube) provides the most succinct opinion on the efficacy & danger of Muslim radicals in gaining traction amongst secular Muslims. Mr. Condell is a strong supporter of Israel & is well informed on the historical facts.

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