The Medical Board of Australia is talking up recertification or revalidation, despite there being no evidence that doctors are increasingly incompetent, no evidence that recertification detects the problem doctors or that the process ensures remediation. As usual I just had to add my voice to the debate:

“The tone of comments posted so far, indicate the skepticism that rightly greets any further attempts to pile yet more burden on doctors. Multiple surveys have shown that doctors are highly stressed, burdened by government regulations & red-tape & sick of regulatory bodies that show scant regard for their health & well-being. I recall one survey revealing that over 50% of doctors would leave the profession if they could maintain their standard of living doing something else. Revalidation would give AHPRA & the MBA a stranglehold on doctors that is unprecedented in this country. Currently, “protecting patients” is pursued by AHPRA to the exclusion of all else, including the fate of the doctor’s family. Every previous step to control doctors has made medical life more difficult & less attractive as a carreer. Remember one of the greatest lies of all time, “I’m from the government & I’m here to help you”!!!


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