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To truly understand why Islamic radicalisation is a furphy, one has to read translations of speeches, interviews & sermons given by Islamic clerics, leaders & key influencers, rather than accept politico-speak from those who seek foreign investment &/or political backing.

Here’s a selection of quotes, snippets & unguarded moments revealing the truth about the popularity amongst Palestinians of Jihadist aspirations:

What you find here may shock you but will hopefully remove the rosé coloured glasses of so many intelligent victims of Palestinian manipulation of widespread support of liberation philosophies that remain so popular amongst left leaning intellectuals & their students. If peace is even to be seriously discussed, religious genocidal imperatives supported by Islamic leaders must be denounced by all those currently promoting them.



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In today’s “Online Opinion”, the following article appeared:

Government needs honesty on Shariah

ON LINE opinion – Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate

By Joseph Wakim
Posted Monday, 15 April 2013

It appears that Shariah law has become politically acceptable if it is dressed in a white collar and a business suit.

While Prime Minister Julia Gillard is wooing Chinese investors abroad, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan will be wooing Islamic investors back home.

I was outraged by the attempt to separate the civil & criminal components of Shariah Law and took the author to task:

The Australian Government may wish to court Muslim investment but the only Law under which businesses registered & operating here should be required to abide by is Australian Law. Shariah Law or any other foreign codified system of law must not be elevated in status above any of the dozens of other legal frameworks that accompany immigrants to this country. Shariah Law in particular is ruthlessly imposed on several unwilling populations & has an horrific, bloody history commensurate with the anachronistic attitudes of its adherents. Given the imperialist beliefs to which Jihad is logically connected, the introduction of any component of Shariah Law must be assertively opposed & its inherent cruelty, bigotry & exclusionary practices, rejected. Muslims can observe their religion & do business here under the umbrella of Australian Law, just like the rest of us.

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The Medical Board of Australia is talking up recertification or revalidation, despite there being no evidence that doctors are increasingly incompetent, no evidence that recertification detects the problem doctors or that the process ensures remediation. As usual I just had to add my voice to the debate:

“The tone of comments posted so far, indicate the skepticism that rightly greets any further attempts to pile yet more burden on doctors. Multiple surveys have shown that doctors are highly stressed, burdened by government regulations & red-tape & sick of regulatory bodies that show scant regard for their health & well-being. I recall one survey revealing that over 50% of doctors would leave the profession if they could maintain their standard of living doing something else. Revalidation would give AHPRA & the MBA a stranglehold on doctors that is unprecedented in this country. Currently, “protecting patients” is pursued by AHPRA to the exclusion of all else, including the fate of the doctor’s family. Every previous step to control doctors has made medical life more difficult & less attractive as a carreer. Remember one of the greatest lies of all time, “I’m from the government & I’m here to help you”!!!



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The plight of a doctor brought before the Medical Board of Australia for sitting on top of a boy during a consultation is being used to educate health practitioners.

Last week AHPRA announced that it would start publishing selected summaries of medical board panel hearings into alleged misconduct.

Only summaries of “educational and clinical value” are being made accessible online and the names of health practitioners involved will be removed.

So far, 16 summaries have appeared on the AHPRA site covering issues such as inappropriate care and “boundary violations”.

They include the case of a doctor who saw a boy “about a problem of oppositional behaviour”.

In March last year, the panel heard that the doctor reacted when the patient, who was accompanied by his mother, “raised his leg towards the doctor”. Believing the boy was attempting to kick him and hit him with a fist, the doctor pulled the child down to the floor and sat on him.

The boy’s father then made a formal complaint. The next day the child complained of “discomfort while breathing” and was diagnosed with “bruised ribs” by a GP.

But the medical board panel concluded the doctor involved had no case to answer, saying the boy’s injury was not major and the little force used was “reasonably necessary”.

“His actions were reasonable in the context of his concern for his physical wellbeing and it was reasonable for the practitioner to contain the situation and then ask the parent of the patient for consent,” the board concluded.

“When the parent did not consent to the action taken, the practitioner released the child.”

MY COMMENT 10/04/2013 Medical Observer

drjgelb to Dr John Drinkwater • 4 minutes ago −

When I did my 6 month training rotation to the now defunct Larundel Hospital in Bundoora, Victoria in 1985, it was brought to my attention by a male psychiatric RN that no formal acute threat management training was provided on campus & that patient on staff assaults were common. The nurse was a martial artist who had been involved in staff training in threat containment overseas & after generously teaching me the basic principles & a few easily applied techniques that involved almost zero risk to patients or staff, I asked if he would conduct a couple of sessions to teach my fellow registrars & the acute admissions nursing staff. Everyone who could squeeze into the conference room did so & came away from the sessions far more confident in handling dangerous or assaultive patients. Seeing the various scenarios demonstrated “live” & practising under the instructor’s gaze, was considered by all of us to be critical to the learning of these techniques. Inclusion of instruction in specialised handling of these situations could be a valuable addition to the Medical School curriculum. What do readers think?



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On discovering that Channel Nine is making a Mini-Series on the Schapelle Corby case, based on the discredited book by Eammon Duff, Sins of the Father, I wrote the following comment:

Channel Nine is doing nothing but harm by using Eammon Duff’s book as the basis for its mini-series. The book was written as a vehicle for defaming the Corby family & achieving maximum controversy & therefore maximum sales. The contentions regarding Ms Corby’s father having a criminal record involving drugs is a lie. The Queensland Police Service presented the family with a formal certificate of confirmation that no criminal history is to be found on Mr Corby. The fact that these false accusations were made after Mr Corby had died & therefore could not refute them himself, is frankly disgraceful. Even a fairly cursory examination of the documents pertaining to this case reveals Ms Corby’s obvious innocence as well as the total failure & intransigence of successive Australian Governments to defend a citizen if it means having to make the embarrassing admission that organised crime has had free reign at our airports & docks for decades. No-one smuggles dope INTO Bali, where it costs one tenth of the Australian price! The Media should be clamouring for her immediate release.

The Australian Government is determined not to lose face to Indonesia, even at the risk of a young Australian woman’s life. Shame! Shame! Shame!

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