New Yorker Magazine: My Comment to Article by Johnathan Chait:

You were not wrong in supporting the removal of Sadaam Hussein but America’s use of the fear of WMD’s was foolish & dishonest in the extreme. How much more historically accurate & entirely justifiable would it have been to explain to the public that Hussein’s ruling Ba’ath Party originated as a replica of the National Socialist Party, the Nazis, after the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem fled British mandated Palestine & travelled to Berlin to pay homage to Hitler. After providing a Muslim Battalion to Hitler that was put to use exterminating the Serbian resistance with the help of their Muslim Croatian brethren, the Grand Mufti was indicted in absentia at Nuremberg, only to escape to Cairo with his right hand man, Sadaam Hussein’s Uncle, one of the founders of the Ba’ath Party & an avid Nazi admirer & supporter. Sadaam’s Uncle modelled the Party’s constitution & methods of governance on the Nazi Party & Sadaam maintained this legacy throughout his rule, right down to having his own bloody version of the “Night of the Long Knives” at the commencement of the Coup with which he stole power from the legitimate government of Iraq. In one black session, over 60 Parliamentarians were marched out of the Parliamentary chamber, across the road to a prison & summarily executed, with Sadaam himself insisting on his active participation in the murders, a scene that was repeated frequently throughout his dictatorship. He had not been without his pistols since becoming an assassin for his Uncle & the Party at 17yrs of age.

Mr Chait, Sadaam Hussein was a vicious, irredeemable psychopath, best characterised as a serial killer with a job description that fitted him perfectly. The people of Iraq had been pleading for his removal for decades, to no avail. Bush & Blair could have used the factual historical record & taken the higher moral ground in removing a malignant tumour who personally murdered hundreds of opponents. Stop apologising! As a Forensic Psychiatrist, I can assure you that everything about Sadaam Hussein pointed to a very high level of ongoing dangerousness, grandiosity & impulsivity. He would have gone on killing, torturing & destroying till the day he died & AT ANY TIME, he could have come after Americans in horrific, deadly , indiscriminate attacks.


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